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The Next Generation Mobile Applications Panel will act as a showcase for the best thinkers in this space. It is a joint Oxford University initiative with industry and is supported by the Department for Continuing Education.

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This module offers you an introduction to basic statistical concepts and the R statistical programming and analysis environment.

This course is designed to help students of science and working scientists to understand, reflect on and engage wtih some of the key ethical and social issues thrown up by biological science and technology.

This course uses written material and practical exercises to promote an understanding of statistics in health research. The first half of the course covers the basic principles of statistics in health care. The second half of the course presents the various types of statistical tests that are used for the different types of designs commonly found in health research.

This module will survey the range of techniques and methodologies available to determine the nature and composition of nanoparticles (both organic and inorganic), thin films and nano-structures.As well as giving a more detailed account of a selection of some of the most common techniques, the module will take a trouble-shooting approach: beginning with the material/object; identifying the information that is required; formulating an approach to obtaining that information; making a rational choice of technique(s) and methodology(ies); giving due regard to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

This course will help you publish research in respected journals. By understanding the peer-review process and learning how to think like reviewers and editors you will increase your chance of acceptance by your target journal. The course will also help you review and edit your own work and other people's.

This course provides a basic introduction to teaching online