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    This area is designed to give you a taste of studying online with the University of Oxford, with an example of the content you will encounter on this course.

    This sample is taken directly from the module called Fundamental Characterisation for Nanotechnology. It will survey the range of techniques and methods available to determine the nature and composition of nanoparticles (both organic and inorganic), thin films and nano-structures. As well as giving a more detailed account of a selection of some of the most common techniques, the module will also take a trouble-shooting approach, as follows:
    1. beginning with the material/object;
    2. identifying the information that is required;
    3. formulating an approach to obtaining that information;
    4. making a rational choice of technique(s) and methodology(ies);
    5. giving due regard to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    To sample the course just click on the link under Scanning probe techniques.

    For full details of this module and our other online courses please visit our online nanotechnology courses website.

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