Weekly outline

  • Vectors, Matrices, Determinants and Eigenvectors

    Hello! My name is Simon Benjamin, I'm a professor at the University of Oxford.

    I teach a course to undergraduate students on vectors, matrices, determinants and eigenvectors. It's an introductory level programme suitable for starting university undergraduates in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Materials Science.

    Ahead of each live lecture, I ask my students to look at a short video and attempt an online quiz. These cover just the absolute essentials of each topic. The quizzes are multiple choice, with some hints on what may have gone wrong when an answer is incorrect.

    If you have made it here you will see that the  videos  are open for anyone to watch and try but you will need to follow a short registration process if you want to try the quizzes as the system needs to know who you are to give you your unique feedback.

  • Week 1

    Video 1A covers the absolute basics of vectors, including notation, and addition and scaling of vectors.

    Video 1B introduces the vector dot product, (also called scalar product) and the angle between vectors.

    Video 1C introduces the vector cross product. There are two extra videos:

    Video 1C BONUS number 1 gives more examples of the cross product. 

    Video 1C BONUS number 2 introduces the meaning of cross product and the 'right hard screw rule'.

  • Week 2

    Video 2 introduces the Scalar Triple Product.

  • Week 3

    Video 3 introducing the idea of a Matrix and the Matrix Product.

  • Week 4

    Video 4 introduces the Determinant

  • Week 5

    Video 5A (first of two videos) introduces Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors.

    Video 5B explains how to find Eigenvectors once we know Eigenvectors.