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Critical Reading: Unit 4 Narrative and structure

4.1 Introduction

Having focused on poetry last week, we are now going to bring some of our skills of close critical analysis to bear on prose fiction. We shall be focusing on narrative, perspective, and dialogue.

On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  • understand the concept of narrative
  • understand the concept of narrative voice
  • understand the significance of perspective in literary narratives
  • understand and analyse different forms of dialogue in literary narratives.


For this week’s work you will need to read Goring, Hawthorn and Mitchell, Studying Literature: The Essential Companion, pp. 25–36, 246–247 and 299–300. You will also be asked to look at some websites.

Regular activities

Individual activity: Glossary of the critical idiom

To review the terms introduced this week go to the Glossary of the critical idiom.

Individual activity: Resource library

If you find any useful resources while working through this unit, add them to the Resource library. You can also look to see if any new resources are added by the tutor or your fellow students.

Individual activity: Blog

Don't forget to update your blog with a record of your reading this week, including Mrs Dalloway and/or Ulysses, and your responses.

Individual activity: Book club

If you read anything you'd like to recommend, including other good examples of interior monologue, add the details to the Book club forum.