Political Philosophy: Unit 2 The state of nature

2.2 Guide to reading

All the readings for this unit come from the course texts:

  • Wolff: Introduction and Chapter 1
  • Rosen and Wolff (eds.): Selections 2, 3 and 5

As we work through the ‘Reading’ and ‘Activities’ for this unit, you will be directed to the precise pages and selections of the texts.

Optional activity: reading

There are articles in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Hobbes and Locke.

These provide interesting background reading but are optional only. It is far from essential to read these articles, but they can help you gain a broader understanding. You will see that in this course there are several references to the Stanford Encyclopedia; a free, online resource, to which new entries are regularly being added. It is an excellent place to browse.

You might also find it very interesting to look at the Dictionary of National Biography, available through Oxford Reference Online, which also includes entries for both Hobbes and Locke.

Both of these articles are available through Oxford Reference Online. This is accessible through the course homepage.