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Welcoming those who may feel unsure about posting

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Welcoming those who may feel unsure about posting
by Tomi Ahonen - Friday, 26 August 2005, 2:01 PM

Welcome all to this discussion group hosted by Oxford University's Department of Continuing Education. Many of the early participants will be friends of ours, colleagues, other lecturers, authors and other experts etc who are quite familiar with this format and probably active posting at other discussion groups, perhaps also active as bloggers etc. This message is more aimed at those who are less confident about their contributions.

Ajit, Peter and I have tried very hard to get many of the global thought-leaders to join this group. We can have a discussion among ourselves, and we often know each other, or of each other. This discussion board is not set up for us to share information between us "experts". No. It is intended to help YOU.

We need YOUR input to help us set up and steer the discussion(s). Do not be shy. We really value your questions, no matter how simple the issue might be. Many of us have been involved in this space very deeply for a long time, and some of the issues are so familiar to us, that we easily take them for granted. It is YOUR questions and comments that help us re-examine our own thoughts, and re-evaluate long-held positions. Sometimes it reinforces our view, other times it introduces fresh thinking. What then stimulates this group is to see what the other experts may say about it now.

So as a welcoming message to all those who are "lurking" ie reading messages. Please join in the discussion. Post your questions. What is on your mind today, perhaps something that relates to your business, or perhaps something you just find strange, or makes you curious. To make this discussion board work we really need your contribution. It will also then become ever more valuable to you, as you will hopefully discover that this is a powerful forum for finding out information that is almost impossible to discover through any other means.

I hope you all will enjoy your time here at this board and I hope we can make a place where some of the best minds in mobile telecoms come together to discuss, analyse and debate.


Tomi Ahonen / HatRat   :-)