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More about us: 2 months, 486 members from 51 countries, 90 topics

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More about us: 2 months, 486 members from 51 countries, 90 topics
by Tomi Ahonen - Sunday, 6 November 2005, 6:55 PM

Hi all

Its two months now from launch. Peter Holland, Ajit Jaokar and I are truly happy for the warm reception our Forum Oxford has received among you all, and that you are spreading the word and bringing in friends. And most of all that we have such lively discussion at the Forum.

Here is a little update at the two month point, as we rapidly approach the 500 member level. Today we have 486 active members from 51 countries, and now we have representatives from all six inhabited continents. A truly global panel of mobile telecoms experts. Over the last month we've averaged about 6 new members per day.

As we are based around Oxford University in the UK - and with Ajit, Peter and me all living in the UK, it is understandable that the early large membership is from the UK. But its no longer half of all. Out of our 486 members, 44% come from the UK, 12% from India, 9% from the USA. Then we have several countries of similar size representations filling out the top 12: Germany 4%, Malaysia 3%, Finland 3%, France 2%, Canada 2%, Singapore 2%, Netherands 2%, Norway 2% and Australia 2%. Even the top 12 countries represent four contients. Impressive...

Nice to have you all here. And bring your friends   :-)  (remember Peter's posting, if you invite new friends, give them the "enrollment key" which is the word "forumoxford" which they need for first-time enrollment.

But yes, back to our stats. The most impressive numbers are around our discussions. We had earlier this week (didn't recalculate now for the weekend) 90 topic threads and over 420 messages. We are adding about 10 new topic threads per week, which is very active if I compare with other mobile telecoms related panels and forums - and we add about 7 new messages per day.

So its a good place for you all to visit several times per week, there is that much activity.

I looked at how many had launched topic threads. The 90 topic threads were introduced by 27 separate members !! - again a strong testament to our diversity. While obviously Ajit and I are trying to "provoke" some of the early discussion, and introduce topics to get this going - it has grown totally beyond Ajit and me by now. I am very happy with this breadth of participation - and again I urge you others, "lurking" who have not posted yet - please do post here. We all want to DISCUSS with you. So please post your questions, your comments, your findings, your own gut feelings, your observations about your family, your colleagues, your company, etc.

And as a final summary / follow-up item: over the first two months these were our most popular topics, in order of replies within the topic thread:

 "Are you a Separatista.."

"What do you think of phones and gaming"

"How are mobile communities.."

"We've got TV, how about movies"

"Then lets get thoughts... TV"

"Mobile video content"

"Every man his own mechanic"

Thank you all for participating, and please keep on posting.

FYI all members: I happen to have a very busy travel schedule the next few weeks, in Slovenia, Finland, Czech Republic, USA and Korea, so my participation is likely to be very reduced. Don't worry, I am not abandoning this Forum, I'll participate fully when I'm back with a bit more time...

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat   :-)