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reposting my last update : news - update, awards and events ..

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reposting my last update : news - update, awards and events ..
by Ajit Jaokar - Thursday, 17 November 2005, 9:41 PM

Hello all
Firstly, thanks for all your emails to me directly. Please keep them coming. Although I may not be able to respond immediately, I do ultimately get to them!
We continue our rapid growth as we reach 500 members within two months.. Many thanks for your help. More importantly, the quality of the discussion is very high and thats reflected in threads which are getting a high number of responsesSome of the threads which are getting a lot of feedback are as below(By the way - creating good threads is a great way to raise your profile since they automatically get included in the email to all members with your name and your company name)Are you a Separatista or a Convergionist? Why is the mobile environment so dysfunctional? What do you think of phones and gaming? and there are many more! Here are recent ones. Please contribute to them if you can By By Some more thoughts:Many members sought clarification about the type of announcements that could be included in this email(i.e. sent by me going to all members)Here are some examples of things we would be happy to includeIf you are speaking at a conferenceIf your company has won an award(or has been nominated for an award)If your company/product has received some major PR coverage(magazine/newspaper etc)If you have written a book or have been contracted to write a bookIf your company /you have been awarded a patent

I seek other suggestions. If in doubt, please email me and ask. You never know!weekly update: Member Steve Flahertys project(StarSight Project) Link

Both Tomi and I are speaking at in Seoul (Nov 29-30).

Walter AdamsonWilliam VolkFinally, we are happy to support the carnival of mobilistsSee for more information when I hosted the carnival

And finally, finally

Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford Panel Discussion 6.30pm 8.00pm, Monday 21 November 2005

Networks in the 21st century

This is a fantastic lineup in the social networking space ...
You can meet .. Evan Williams, founder, (sold to Google), Odeo Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist , Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn,Robert Young, founder Red Hat Software Linux and Christopher Sacca, Principal New Business Development, Google Inc

Details below ..
Following the last three years very successful events of the same name, the School is pleased to invite you to attend a panel discussion of leading technology entrepreneurs at this years Silicon Valley comes to Oxford. The title of the evenings discussion is
Networks in the 21st century An emerging generation of Internet technologies is drawing out the Internets unique potential. File-sharing, blogs, group-edited sites called Wikipedias and social networking sites that enable mass collaboration and the building of new networks are creating significant economic value. The venture capitalists are hunting for the next Google in this area, but how will these disruptive technologies create new markets and affect our economic system?

To RSVP for a limited place, it is essential you register electronically by visiting .

Thats all for this week!

We are also thinking about

A helpdesk feature how can members get support quickly for a question

A guideline on commercial announcements and job postings

Simplifying invitations

Etc etc

I look forward to hearing from you. You can contact me at

Kind regards