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Stats stats stats: 5 months, 640 members, 185 topics, 1000 comments

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Stats stats stats: 5 months, 640 members, 185 topics, 1000 comments
by Tomi Ahonen - Friday, 10 February 2006, 1:30 PM

Hi friends

Well, we have reached five months of activity here at Forum Oxford and I am extremely happy with the level of participation. So, paging the Stats Police (Tomi clearly had no toys as a child, he had to play with the nutrition tables on cereal boxes). Here some facts about our community.

In five months we have already reached 640 members. Since October, for the past three months, we have been growing at the rate of twelve new members per week. Our country representation has grown to 57 separate countries on all six inhabited continents.

Regionally, it is understandible that the majority are from the UK, but 56% of us are from outside the home country of Oxford University. India and the USA are the next largest countries, with Germany, Malaysia, Finland, Singapore and Canada among those with 12 or more members here already. By continent, Europe leads obviously due to the UK, but we have already 118 members from Asia, 70 from North America; with Africa 14, Oceania 12 and South America 6 members.

More impressive than the number of members, is the activity at Forum Oxford. We have already 185 separate topic threads and over 1000 messages in total. For the last three months we are now adding about 8 new topics per week, and every day you will find 7 new replies or postings on average. Also the wide variety of our membership is represented in who started the threads - we have already had 52 separate people start discussion threads.

Our most popular topics for the past three months have been:

I am not a tag, I am a number

Location Based Services Chapter

Why is the mobile environment so dysfunctional?

Who is attending 3GSM and what are the hot topics to look out for 3GSM?

What are the parameters that will Drive Mobile Search?

I dare say, this is the most vibrant mobile experts forum on the web - and definitely it is also worth you inviting your friends to join us. Remember Forum Oxford is sponsored by Oxford University, so it is free, and will always be free. Just tell your friends they need the enrollment key "forumoxford" when they first join us.

Thank you all for participating, and please keep on posting.

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat :-)