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commercial postings on forumoxford - the guidelines

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commercial postings on forumoxford - the guidelines
by Ajit Jaokar - Friday, 24 February 2006, 6:24 AM

Many thanks for all your feedback on commercial postings on forum oxford.

Here is what we have decided. This is much in line with my own experience of running online networks and is based on trust and minimal regulation

A commercial posting is defined as a post on forum oxford that promotes your own business

a) We will welcome commercial postings provided that they add value to the members. Adding value to members can take any form including a discount to forumoxford members. However, the post but not be ONLY about the discount i.e. not an explicit advertisement.  In other words, members should benefit from reading it  in it's own right

b) No spamming i.e. the same post should not be repeated multiple times

c) Essentially, we trust people. So, we dont want to create explicit rules and policing.

d) We are tolerant of error one mistake will not result in banning!

e) When in doubt, please ask me at ajit.jaokar at

f) We welcome achievements i.e. if your company has won an award, received some significant press coverage etc please feel free to post it on the main forum.

g) There will be only one forum i.e. no separate forum for commercial posts

h) Ajit, Tomi and Anthony/Oxford University reserve the right to stop a post at their discretion.

Thats all!

Kind rgds