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About quoting our discussions in your blogs, newsletters etc

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About quoting our discussions in your blogs, newsletters etc
by Tomi Ahonen - Monday, 19 June 2006, 11:25 AM

Hi all

I receive very polite e-mails from time to time asking permission to quote me from various postings at Forum Oxford. I am sure many of us have received similar e-mails.

So to have some general thoughts about postings and referencing them, I'd say that our aim here at Forum Oxford is to foster good debate about mobile telecoms. Thus any and all comments referring to our discussions here are most welcome. I hope we all agree.

Therefore, I'd suggest that if you want to quote anyone from the threads, please use good etiquette - make sure the quotation is correct and attributes the correct contributor. Also please indicate that this given thought was quoted at Forum Oxford (and I'd add the date when the original posting was made)

If you are making a posting in the blogosphere (or why not in other media as well), then please include the link to the actual thread, if you can. You might include a mention that Forum Oxford is a free site but requires registration. This is not a necessary part, but I think some who read your writing, may want to visit the full thread and read the full posting (and thread) from where you took the quotation.

Separately, please come back to that thread and post a comment to the thread, where you indicate where that thread has been quoted (eg I just blogged about this topic at my blogsite and I quoted so-and-so etc..., with the link to your blog etc)

I do think its polite to contact the author of the posting prior to doing this, but that is general good manners, and in most cases of blogs, the common usage is that you don't need to seek prior permission, to post a link or reference to a posting. So I'd say seeking prior approval is not necessary.

Incidentially, I'd take it that in almost every case, if someone is willing to make a reference to a posting here from Forum Oxford, the person who made the original posting will be most happy to be quoted elsewhere. So that person will be quite happy to hear from you !!  And obviously you two will be sharing a common interest. So separately from the e-mail permission request (and courtesy), I think its good for our networking, to send an e-mail to anyone you might be quoting..

And finally - do remember that you may invite any friends and colleagues to join Forum Oxford, and if so, to please remember to give them the enrollment key ("forumoxford") so they can sign up.

So in principle, lets all feel free to reference any discussions here at Forum Oxford, and just remember good quotation reference manners.

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat   :-)