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Happy Birthday: Stats at 12 months: 952 members, 457 topics: 8 comments every day

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Happy Birthday: Stats at 12 months: 952 members, 457 topics: 8 comments every day
by Tomi Ahonen - Thursday, 7 September 2006, 6:44 AM

Happy Birthday Forum Oxford !

We launched 5 September 2005. In one year we have grown to a remarkably active discussion panel. With 952 members from 66 countries, we have 457 topics and 2614 comments. We currently are adding 10 new members per week, 10 new topics per week, and every day you'll find on average 8 new comments. Most delightful however, is the number that already 95 different members - obviously 10% of us - have launched new topics.

So lets dig a bit deeper. The UK proportion keeps gradually shrinking. The 393 British members form now 42% of our membership and 58% come from other countries. 22% from the rest of Europe, 17% from Asia, 13% from North America, 3% from Africa, 2% from Oceania and 1% from Latin America.

Our 15 largest countries by number of members are:

Spain 14
Switzerland 14
Norway 15
Singapore 16
Australia 17
France 17
Canada 20
Ireland 21
Malaysia 22
South Africa 25
Finland 25
Germany 33
India 83
USA 101
UK 393

A special mention to South Africa, which has grown remarkably to now tied for the fifth largest delegation to Forum Oxford!

So what of discussions? We have a total of 457 topics. Over the last 4 months (which includes August which was much less active than the rest of the year) we've still added 171 new topics. That means for the past few months we've become more active and now average 9.8 new topics every week.

Like I mentioned, we've already had 95 members initiate new topics. So who've been the members that have been most active in generating new topics for us this past year? There are six members who've initiated around one new topic every month on average:

John Whelan 7
Hari Saravanan 8
Matthew Wheeler 9
Werner Egipsy Souza 9
Russell Buckley 12
Pharindra Sapkota 13

But the clear master at discovering new topics for us is William Volk, who has contributed a total of 24 new topics for us. Thank you William !!

And what have been the hottest topics at Forum Oxford over the past four months? The 12 most popular topics over this period have been (in order of increasing activity) listing also the person who started that thread and the number of comments:

Video to interactive TV (Peter Barnes) 14
Tracking WiFi Clouds (Tomi Ahonen) 15
Paypal Mobile (Mark Brill) 15
Micropayments using mobile (Tim Woolford) 15
IP Addressable SIMs (William Vine) 17
xhtml-mp vs a full mobile browers experience (Ajit Jaokar) 17
What is the advantage of DMB to content providers (Ajit Jaokar) 19
Killer App (Vladimir Dimitroff) 20
iPod Market share not 78%, 19% (Tomi Ahonen) 26
mobile web advertising: a contradiction in terms (Ajit Jaokar) 26
The Mobile Internet should be pronounced dead (Walter Adamson) 26

And the most popular topic during the past 4 months has been:
Mobile Video DMB vs DVB-H: and the winner is (Ajit Jaokar) 46 comments

Incidentially, the average topic has 5.7 comments (ie 4.7 replies)

And now, for the one year anniversary, I also wanted to try to find who were the most active in posting comments. To find those, I had to dig through individual profiles, and I hope sincerely that I found all who should be on this list (and yes, as its our role, for Ajit and me, to moderate, I removed us from this category). Out of our twelve most active members in terms of total postings, nine have been rather similar averaging roughly speaking about one message per week:

Alex Gajano (30 comments)
Alan Moore (31)
Alex de Carvalho (37)
Alex Kerr (41)
Dean Bubley (48)
Zigurd Mednieks (54)
Matthew Wheeler (59)
Vladimir Dimitroff (76)
Mark Searle (77)

Good job! But our three most active members are clearly in a class of their own, averaging over 2 messages per week each:

Walter Adamson (107)
Werner Egipsy Souza (108)
William Volk (128)


I am very proud of the high level of professional discussion we maintain at Forum Oxford. Makes me very proud to promote the Forum and to recruit new members. I personally keep on learning constantly from the various topics here.

I hope you all are enjoying your time at Forum Oxford. It has been a fantastic year for me, this is my fave web location by far.

Eternally your StatsRat,

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat   :-)

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Many thanks to all on Tomi's list ..
by Ajit Jaokar - Thursday, 7 September 2006, 8:03 AM
an excellent post Tomi!. Many thanks for your efforts. Its great to see all this in your own inimitable style of stats etc. Thanks to Peter and you for the great work. Many more things planned as we all know.

Many thanks to all those whose names appear on the list above for their valued contribution. kind rgds Ajit
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Happy Birthday!
by Werner Egipsy Souza - Thursday, 7 September 2006, 11:46 AM

Even the title has stats ;)

Bring out the bubbly...(and the big boots for Tomi, Ajit and Peter :p)...Wooo Hooo!

Quoting James Leigh Hunt,

May thy Tribe increaaaaase!



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A fun community - Happy Birthday: Stats at 12 months: 952 members, 457 topics: 8 comments every day
by Tomi Ahonen - Friday, 8 September 2006, 2:11 PM

Hi Ajit and Werner

Thanks. For me - as a one-man-show consultant with no office gang to hang out with, Forum Oxford has become my visit to the water cooler or coffee pot at the office. I come here to hang out every day for a while, chat with a few friends about whats on their minds, and tell the gang what I may have uncovered over the past few days. What I really appreciate here is the high level of competence of our colleagues. The discussion is so much more relevant to us, than what I observe at miscellanous discussion boards and blogs.

Tomi / HatRat   :-)