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71%of consumers say no to mcommerce!

Walter Adamson @adamson
71%of consumers say no to mcommerce!
by Walter Adamson - Thursday, 19 June 2008, 10:12 PM

Here's another great exercise in looking backwards by asking people to consider something that they don't know - a bit like asking focus groups to design cars (US style) or asking users to design IT systems when they have no notion of what's possible.

Unisys asked in a bunch of countries, excluding Japan and Korea, if people would use banking by mobile and other mcommerce, and "71 percent of the 13,296 consumers in 14 countries surveyed as part of the bi-annual Unisys Security Index said they will not even consider online banking or shopping via mobile device due to security concerns."

Perhaps they didn't ask in Japan because the $billions in mcommerce there may have skewed the result that Unisys was looking for, not to mention Korea.

This is the same old claptrap that used to go on about IT outsourcing and security, and even using the Internet and security.  There's not much point to the article except to get Unisys some press and the following quote: "Telecommunications providers are in one of the least trusted industries in the entire business world, according to the Unisys consumer research".


OH! that's not quite true, the comments about France being the most mcommerce resistant and Germans being most mcommerce literate in the survey group surprised me.


Picture of Dean Bubley
Re: 71%of consumers say no to mcommerce!
by Dean Bubley - Friday, 20 June 2008, 8:26 AM
To imitate a typical British newspaper headline:

"Vendor-sponsored survey in predictable nonsense shocker!"

Honestly, I would say that the vast majority of survey data put out by telecom product or service vendors is absolutely useless.

A few years ago when I was the director of consulting at a large analyst research firm, I used to spend a lot of time turning away vendors from commissioning "survey" type research, especially if I sensed it was being driven by PR and marketing departments. If you're a vendor and you want "the answer" (ie you don't think you know it already & just want it rubber-stamped), surveys are probably less reliable than peering at your tea leaves.

There's always an agenda, there's pressure to use "leading" questions, there's pressure to maximise survey size (usually at the expense of sampling accuracy), there's pressure to ignore inconvenient results and there's pressure to use web/email questionnaires or cheap/unskilled survey monkeys who can't interpret answers beyond what's on the script.

I've had another example of this in the past 24 hours, getting a press release supposedly with results of a survey about Mobile TV. Only I asked the PR folk for the question detail, and found that they'd been asking "Have you used Mobile TV or Video?" which can easily be misinterpreted as including video-calling.

Non-sponsored surveys (ie paid for by the research firm rather than a 3rd party) tend to be a lot more neutral, better-designed and without pre-conceived ideas.

Caveat lector.

Picture of Vladimir Dimitroff
Absolutely agree !
by Vladimir Dimitroff - Saturday, 21 June 2008, 6:49 PM
But there are enough agencies and consultancies that thrive on the model "Tell us what you want us to prove" and keep delivering on their promise. Sadly, some grown-up industry users trust the resultant cr*p...
Picture of Tomi Ahonen
1 billion people willing to say yes - 71%of consumers say no to mcommerce!
by Tomi Ahonen - Monday, 23 June 2008, 8:32 AM

Hi Walter, Dean and Vladimir

Good posting and comments esp Dean..

My two cents into this thread - obviously if 71% say no, then even by this Unisys research, 29% said yes - which is ... drumroll ... out of 3.6 billion mobile subscribers globally today, already ... 1.04 billion people.  Thats three times the USA total population ha-ha..

Where should alarm bells be ringing? Should the banking industry hit the snooze button and say, oh, thanks Unisys, we'll go back to sleep, or how about a billion customers out there already willing to do m-commerce today - BEFORE it is a global opportunity in every market on every network..

ha-ha.. We deal in massive numbers in this biz.

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat    :-)