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Re: Tell us a bit about yourself
by Deborah Wise - Tuesday, 17 June 2008, 6:01 PM
I am Deborah Wise, also known as Flameheart Sol in the Virtual World of Second Life. I am a consultant and doctoral researcher (hoping to finish a Ph.D. soon) in the area of online learning and specifically how identity is formed in online environments. My background is in Global IT but my heart is in interactive multimedia for learning.

Some of my recent projects have included designing delivery systems for school districts where there is a large percentage of non-English speaking families. These populations don't value Internet access in the home, but they all have personal cellphones, which is what began my interest in mobile delivery. I am working on how to deliver learning to mobile devices (as a long-time GSM owner and current iPhone junkie) and bring more of a multimedia learning experience into the hands of everyone on the planet.

This forum is amazing and I hope to be a significant contributor, as well as an eager student.