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1202 members, 666 topics, 4055 comments, our Forum over 16 months

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1202 members, 666 topics, 4055 comments, our Forum over 16 months
by Tomi Ahonen - Friday, 19 January 2007, 1:22 AM

So time for some statistics on Forum Oxford, its been 4 months since your last confession...

Ok. So membership. We are now at 1202 members from 72 countries. Our membership is growing now at 1.8 new members per day. We have 666 topics and have become more active, now adding 11 new topics per week, and the discussions in the topic threads have increased, we now average 6.1 comments per thread (or 5.1 replies). In total we have 4055 comments if you want to read it all, and we added 1441 new comments over the past four months.

I'm sorry I'm a bit rushed with a million other things, so I'm skipping some of the juicy stats which take forever to count, such as who all started new topics and who were most active in posting. Sorry about that.

But our membership keeps getting more international. The UK proportion has fallen to under 40% for the first time, at 39%. Our biggest region continues to be rest of Europe at 24% and 292 members. The next largest group comes from Asia (199 members), then North America (162), Africa (40), Oceania (25) and South America (13)

Our biggest national delegations come from the following countries:

Norway 18
Netherlands 19
Switzerland 20
Spain 21
Malaysia 22
Singapore 22
Canada 23
France 26
Ireland 27
Finland 29
South Africa 31
Germany 40
India 92
USA 138
UK 477

So finally, what have we been talking about over the past Autumn and winter? (I removed the housekeeping topics ) The most popular topics and those who launched them have been:

Three launches flat rate (Dean Bubley) 17
Effects of near field communications (Tope Omintola) 18
Apple launches games for iPod (William Volk) 18
Mobile web vs one web (Barbara Ballard) 19
GPS Data to browsers (Peter Cranstone) 19
xHTML vs full mobile browser (Ajit Jaokar) 21
iPhone tail wags the dog (Ajit Jaokar) 21
SMS first in USA (Giff Gfroerer) 22
Flash Lite is not WICD but it should (Ajit Jaokar) 27
MVNOs MVNOs MVNOs (Tomi Ahonen) 29
Mobile web phone (Ajit Jaokar) 30
Mobile interactive marketing (Lawrence Zhou) 34
US Market fixed price web (Ajit Jaokar) 37
FMC What is the value proposition (Ajit Jaokar) 37

and the most discussed topic over the past 4 months has been:

Mobile 2D Barcode services (Peter Cranstone) 42

Keep up the discussion, invite your friends, spread the word. Don't be afraid to quote material you found here - please attribute correctly and also please mention Forum Oxford as your source. And don't be afraid use material found here also at your blogs etc.

Its my pleasure and honour to co-chair our Forum

Tomi Ahonen - your stats rat - HatRat   :-)