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Market Success of 3G and Wireless Mobile Services (20 - 21 June 2006)

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A few comments on what we cover this time at - Market Success of 3G and Wireless Mobile Services (20 - 21 June 2006)
by Tomi Ahonen - Thursday, 20 April 2006, 6:28 PM

Voytek, Steve and I will be including our usual materials we write and talk about and what this course has been covering in the past. But now as we have real usage data on 3G service adoptions and market success in Japan and Korea with over 3 years of competitive services in both markets (and both markets at over 30% 3G phone penetration rates) - there will now also be good case studies on both markets, and our analysis of how much of the Korean and Japanese examples will transfer over to Europe and other 3G markets.

Also as I am developing the TV-video-mobile-3G convergence course, we will feature more of the 7th Mass Media and 3G-TV convergence at this course this summer.

If you have any questions about this course (or any of the other courses) or comments or ideas, please post. That is why we have these threads here. And if you have a training budget and would like to receive the world's top training on 3G by literally the people who wrote the books, please do join us at these courses !!

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