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3G/DVB-H Mobile TV course at Oxford University on 13 November

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3G/DVB-H Mobile TV course at Oxford University on 13 November
by Peter Holland - Friday, 3 November 2006, 10:47 AM

The University of Oxford presents an intensive one-day course for TV broadcasting and mobile telecoms programming, content and services experts, and business planners in this emerging space on the "fourth screen" and the "seventh mass media".

The course is non-technical, and no prior knowledge of cellular telecoms or TV broadcasting is required.

The course is taught by James Parton, Head of MTV Products (Music, TV & Video), O2 UK, who was involved in the Oxford 3G/DVB-H Mobile TV trial and Tomi Ahonen, who is one of the world's leading 3G Independent Consultants and author of many authoritative books on the subject of 3G.

Course Content

  1. Mobile Video and TV environment
    • The industries converging: TV, broadband internet, videogaming, mobile phone
    • Trends and numbers: bicentric convergence
    • Hotspot downloads, file-sharing, digital rights management
    • Early user studies and actual user findings
    • Building billable value to mobile TV: the Six M's
    • Case: 3G UK

  2. Migrating existing content to mobile
    • Live TV streaming
    • Videoclips
    • Direct broadcasts to mobile: DVB-H, DAB
    • Special case 1: music videos
    • Special case 2: videogaming
    • Case: Insights from Oxford DVB-H Trials

  3. Integrating mobile into TV broadcasts and content
    • Voting eg Big Brother
    • Mobile elements in videogaming
    • Previews and Follow-up content
    • Case: SMS-to-TV Chat and Games

  4. Made-for-MobileTV content
    • Mobisodes
    • Parallel live programming on mobile
    • User-generated TV content
    • Case: Korea direct broadcasts

  5. Impact to TV, mobile and advertising industries
    • The value chain in mobile TV
    • Contribution of mobile to TV business
    • Contribution of TV to mobile business
    • Near and longer term impacts of advertising to mobile TV
    • Near and longer term impacts to advertising industry
    • Case: Japan mobile TV and advertising

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