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User Generated Content and Web 2.0 at Oxford University on 6 December

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User Generated Content and Web 2.0 at Oxford University on 6 December
by Peter Holland - Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 3:19 PM

User Generated Content and Web 2.0

Opportunities and threats - a strategic viewpoint for decision makers

6 December 2006

According to Nielsen/Netratings (Aug 2006) user-generated content sites, platforms for photo sharing, video sharing and blogging, comprised five out of the top 10 fastest growing Web brands in July 2006.

About the Course

With the rise of MySpace, YouTube and other Web 2.0 sites, traditional value chains are facing disruption. This disruption causes both threats and opportunities.

Who is it for?

Designed for decision makers, this intensive one-day course offers an opportunity to learn more about the threats and opportunities arising from user generated content.

Course Presenter

Ajit Jaokar, mobile telecoms specialist and author (inc Mobile Web 2.0)

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Course Content

· Understanding the new world of Content covering movies, music, news, blogging and podcasting

· Operational issues: Threats, opportunities, legal, social issues, trust, copyright etc

· Business models, revenue streams

· Social factors, community building and user interaction

· Web 2.0 and Mobile web 2.0

· Market evolution and scenarios

· The empire strikes back: how existing content providers are using their content in conjunction with new user generated content

· Case studies of successful transition to user generated content by established media companies

· Strategies of key players

· The impact of convergence

· The threat from external players due to convergence

· Future trends

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Department for Continuing Education, Rewley House, Oxford.

First day registration from 8.30am when course materials will be distributed.

The course will begin at 9.00am and end at approximately 5.00pm on each day.

How to Register

Complete and return the registration form which is available at