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Hi from California - Global eBusiness Expert
by Jamie Graham - Wednesday, 2 November 2005, 10:41 PM


 Jamie N. Graham






Strategic Planning * Business Development * Product Management




Ms. Graham has a proven track record for developing and managing global Internet-enabled business strategies, products, software and hardware solutions. Ms. Graham holds over ten years of experience in driving the development and implementations of eBusiness solutions penetrating 150 countries and 23 vertical markets. Ms. Graham is a true visionary and leader in the development and automation of secure, global, internet-enabled eBusiness and supply chain solutions.





Over the past decade Ms. Graham has played a key role as a leader in the design, development and implementation of Internet-enabled business solutions. In specific, software used for industrial-automation, eCommerce, eBusiness and compliance/certification testing of standardized eBusiness solutions. Her experience and expertise with technology, standards and global eBusiness management penetrates over 23 vertical industries. Currently Ms. Graham is consulting start-up companies in the areas of strategic planning, business development, product management and marketing. 


Prior to consulting Ms. Graham founded Drake Certivo, a provider of compliance testing and certification services for software companies to ensure interoperability throughout the supply chain. Additionally, Graham was a pioneer in the Internet sector developing internet-enabled solutions for Wonderware Corporation (global provider of industrial manufacturing software) and IPNet Solutions (B2B transaction management and collaboration software).


Graham holds a variety of hands-on technical and management experience in the areas of operations, information technology, human resources, accounting, marketing, multimedia, e-learning, web development, sales, product management, project management, solutions architects, software engineers, certification, compliance testing, quality assurance and technical support.


Ms. Graham is an on-going contributor to leading industry analyst and magazines focusing on a variety of topics such as B2C, B2B and security over the Internet. Including Industry magazine; Stores, Manufacturing Systems, InfoWeek, InfoWorld, The XML Handbook (Prentice House). Graham has also served as an Internet authority with leadership presence on leading Industry boards including Microsofts Executive eCommerce Partner Advisory Committee (eCPAC), UCCnet Architecture Team (A-Team), VICs Committee (Collaborative Planning and Forecasting), Uniform Code Council (UCC), RosettaNet Design Review Team. Ms. Graham is also a founding member of the RosettaNet Solution Provider board.

Jamie Graham    18 Dauphine

  Newport Beach, CA 92657

  Cell: 949-244-8761



Professional Highlights


2004 to  eBusinessWired, Inc. International

Current Consultant - Global Technology Standards, Security, eBusiness, Supply Chain, Industrial Automation


Ms. Graham holds over ten years of experience in developing, implementing and managing secure, automated, Internet-enabled business solutions. 

Currently Ms. Graham provides executive consulting services to companies developing software and hardware solutions targeting the Security, eBusiness and Supply Chain markets.



Ø Business Development / Sales develop, manage and support national/international partners and clients

Ø Business Intelligence - market research, competitive intelligence, competitive analysis, competitive feature matrix, market share

Ø Marketing development of marketing strategy, collateral (marketing, sales, technical and product data sheets, powerpoints), logo design, trademarks, service marks, analyst/media relations, webinars, seminars, training.

Ø Product Management - development and management of product requirements, roadmaps, enhancements, usecases, user interface look and feel. Authoring of whitepapers, training materials, specifications for QA process and site implementation training

Ø Project Management- product development life cycle, client engagements and associated deliverables

Ø Technical Support development process, define testing process, technical support process, implementation process, training, policies and procedures


Sample Project Examples: 


· Mobile Security Entertainment Industry. Real time encryption/decryption via web service. Use is for real time video and multimedia based data being sent over the Internet or to wireless cell phones and PDA devices. Target is on-line multimedia games, music, TV and videos for the entertainment industry.


· Video Sensor Surveillance via Internet, Satellite, PDA Government and 9-11 security related applications capturing real-time video and sending to personnel based on security and dynamic business rules. Collected data is encrypted and sent for review and response via wireless/satellite to PDA devices or laptops supporting user authentication and access management. Digital Rights Management (DRM).





Jamie N. Graham



2000 to  DRAKE CERTIVO, INC. Newport Beach, California

2003 President / CTO


Ms. Graham founded Certivo, Newport Beach California, in the year 2000 with the goal to provide compliance testing and certification badging for software companies and standards bodies to ensure interoperability. Graham and Certivo successfully gained global recognition as the defacto provider of standards-based services. These services include software interoperability testing, standards/software compliance testing and training services. Certivo is the education partner of the Uniform Code Council (UCC) and is the official testing source for the RosettaNet solution provider badging service and Interoperability testing program. Additionally, Ms. Graham has been very active with the Government since 9-11 teaming with EDS in 2002 to develop and launch web-based training for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) SEVIS mandate. The company continues to thrive in the areas of compliance testing for standards organizations.




Ø Provided global vision for Certivo (including parent and sister companies)

Ø Overall operations accounting, human resources, Information technology, IT infrastructure, sales, marketing, multimedia, certification, internal LMS design, ASP on-line e-learning environments, compliance testing, software development

Ø Responsible for management of 150 employees located in United States, Europe, Australia, Asia

Ø Designed and developed service solutions - software, services, curriculum, certifications and e-learning.

Ø Provided overall functionality, roadmaps, deliverables, marketing, positioning, GUI

Ø Media and Analysts relations, presentations, seminars

Ø Provided analysis and expertise for technology and company acquisitions/mergers 



Ø Successfully raised over 25+ million dollars in funding

Ø Provided worlds first Compliance Testing service for software companies based on global standards compliance

Ø Developed first Certification program/s based on global standards

Ø Uniform Code Council partnership developing/providing UCC XML certification

Ø Provided engineering development services for RosettaNet test compliance suite

Ø Secured exclusive RosettaNet Compliance testing contract providing Rosettanet compliance badging for: eBizprise, Global eXchange Services, GridNode, Inovis, Sterling Commerce, Fujitsu limited, BEA Systems, WebMethods

Ø Partnered with EDS to develop/ provide SEVIS INS training in universities across US (after 9-11)

Ø Expert advisor on government homeland security, technology and standards




Jamie N. Graham



1998 to  IPNet SOLUTIONS, INC. Newport Beach, California

2000 Vice President Global Product Management/ Business Development


IPNet hired Ms. Graham as a Sr. Product Manager in September of 1999 to drive corporate and product strategic and tactical directions. In early 2000 she earned the promotion to VP of Product Management by aggressively redefining the companys business model from a professional services engagement to a strong software centric business model focusing on a suite of leading edge Internet enabled B2B software solutions. Graham was also a key driver in defining the new direction of IPNets corporate and product positioning resulting in unprecedented market traction and industry awards for the company. Her responsibilities include overall company direction and strategy, vision for future products, business development, competitive/market intelligence, external product marketing and analyst relations.



Ø Provided current and future product direction 

Ø Developed business plans manage life cycles, and position products in the marketplace

Ø Lead new product definition with engineering and sales

Ø Developed marketing/ business strategies into structured product marketing plans

Ø Developed market requirements for target segments including product strategy, requirements analysis, and pricing

Ø Responsible for marketing- collateral, look and feel, positioning, media/analyst

Ø Drove competitive analysis and customer feedback for new product planning

Ø Responsible for overall deliverables defined product functionality, roadmaps, marketing, positioning, product launches 

Ø Developed and managed technology partnerships

Ø Responsible for gaining key industry standards presence



Ø Graham also achieved acclaim by being one of seven companies globally to test pilot with the XML RosettaNet PIPS in 2000.

Ø Grahams industry driving efforts gained traction with analyst

Ø IPNet received awards including Upside 100 magazine (Top 100 company), American Electronic Association (AEA) most innovative technology award

Ø Contributor to Industry magazines (Stores, Manufacturing Systems, InfoWeek, InfoWorld, The XML Handbook (Prentice House) and many others.

Ø Under Graham's term as Vice President, IPNet was able to finalize a $40 million through Thomas Weisel Group.









Jamie N. Graham


1996 to  WONDERWARE CORPORATION, INC. (currently Invensys) Irvine, California

1998 Sr. Technical Engineer & Sr. Product Manager -Global Industrial Automation



In 1996, Wonderware hired Ms. Graham as an Internet Sr. Technical Engineer tasked with developing the worlds first Human Machine Interface (HMI) Visualization products leveraging the Internet. Graham implemented and technically supported the products through 1998 and then became Sr. Product Manager of Wonderwares flagship products.


Sr. Product Manager Responsibilities Included:

Ø Developed global Internet Strategy for product suite

Ø Sr. Product Manager of global flagship product line (InTouch)

Ø Deliverables - Defined functionality, use cases, positioning, marketing collateral

Ø Developed Internet training and support systems

Ø Presenter at trade shows, conferences, training


Sr. Technical Engineer Responsibilities Included:

Ø Lead technical engineer Internet client/server solutions

Ø Defined user specifications, QA testing specifications

Ø GUI development

Ø Technical support for pre-sales, customers and internal/ external training

Ø Responsible for global implementations



Ø First Human machine interface (HMI) software developed world wide leveraging the Internet to view and control automated manufacturing process via a laptop or handheld PDA.

Ø Provided global technical support for pre-sales and on-site implementations for projects such as NASA's, Lucent, AT&T, M&M Mars, Toyota, P&G

Ø Lead for Wonderware's Internet corporate vision

Ø Selected to present at Interkarma on authored topic Web Enabled Enterprises

Ø Wonderware Service and Development Excellence awards


Prior to Wonderware Ms. Graham worked in the retail industry as a designer and product development expert.














Jamie N. Graham




Ø Thunderbird American Graduate School of International Management Emerging Global Leader Certified

Ø Oklahoma University / Texas Womans University - Bachelor of Science

Ø TechData - Microsoft NT, Information Server, Networking Essentials, SQL server




Business Models: Use of variety of business models and pricing

Traditional software and solution selling, Application Service Providers, Training Service Providers & concurrent licensing via the web w/ DRM, pay per usage on tap models


Technical: development of products and services utilizing -



Software: Hands-on use, technical support and leveraging in development -

J-Rules, Microsoft NT, Information Server, Networking Essentials, SQL server, RSA bSafe, , Microsoft Office, Crystal reports, Microsoft Office Suite, MS IIS, SQL Server, Visio, MS Project, BizTalk, Visual InterDev, Adobe, Real Networks- Server/Audio, MS Media, Gentran/Mercator XML mappers, XMLSpy, Source Safe, Visual Interdev, Crystal reports, Cold Fusion, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Suite, MovieMagic, Character Pro, Poser, GIF animators, 3D modeling tools (3D Studio Max, Light wave), Video editing, Image forge, IconCool, UnrealEngine2 Editor, Global Mapper, GeoView, GeoObjects, MapAbility and more -


Industry Standards: Standards, participation, overall awareness and leveraging of -

IEEE 802.11b, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), WiFi, RFID, AS1/AS2, Bluetooth, Java, SOAP, SCORM, Bluetooth, EAN-UCC XML(global product IDs), EDI-INT, EDIFACT, OASIS, CPFR, VICs, WC3, HIPPA, Rosettanet