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19 months, 1,362 members, 860 topics, 5,385 comments

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19 months, 1,362 members, 860 topics, 5,385 comments
by Tomi Ahonen - Monday, 16 April 2007, 3:52 PM

We celebrated the inaugral Forum Oxford Conference on 13 April, 2007. At that conference we also released the first edition of the Forum Oxford Journal. And in it we had stats at the 19 month mark for the Forum.

Since September 2005 we have now grown to be 1,362 members strong, out of 72 countries. We are growing at the rate of almost 2 new members per day on average (160 members joined in the last 3 months).

Our membership keeps getting ever more international. Today the proportion of British to non-British members of Forum Oxford is already down to 36% to 64%, so its nearly 2:1 in favour of non-British members in our international panel on the future of mobile. This is a very healthy sign.

We have members from all six inhabited continents and 72 countries. The top 20 largest national delegations are in ascending order:

Italy 13
Slovenia 14
Sweden 17
Norway 19
Indonesia 19
Netherlands 19
Switzerland 20
Malaysia 21
Australia 22
Singapore 25

Spain 27
France 27
Canada 27
Ireland 29
South Africa 31

Finland 35
Germany 47
India 98
USA 164
UK 523

For a continental split, our forum has members as follows:
UK 36%
Rest of Europe 26%
Asia 17%
North America 14%
Africa 3%
Oceania 2%
South America 1%

Out Forum gets new topics at a rate of 16 new threads per week. We added 194 topics in the past three months and have accumulated 860 topics overall. In the last 3 months, out of the 194 topics, a wonderfully large amount, 58 different people have started new topics. (I've excluded Ajit, Peter and myself)

Since the start of Forum the most prolific new topic generators (again excluding Ajit, Peter and myself) have been Vladimir Dimitroff, John Whelan, David Doherty, Walter Adamson, Dean Bubley, Werner Egipsy Souza, Russell Buckley, Peter Cranstone, Pharindra Sapkota and by a 30% margin the most prolific new topic generator has been William Volk. Congratulations and thank you.

But its not just topics, we are a discussion panel. We have comments. Lots of comments. 5,385 comments are posted (which count includes the original thread postings). We added a massive 1,330 new comments in the last 3 months, and now our Forum averages 16 new comments daily (up from 11). The average discussion thread runs 6.9 comments deep.

The top 20 most prolific people to participate in posting comments from the beginning of Forum Oxford in 2005 up to today are starting from the lowest to highest with Sahid Ghadiali, Barbara Ballard, John Whelan, Dave Birch, Russell Buckley, Alex Gajano, Alan Moore, Faith McGary, Simon Cavill, Jag Minhas, Mark Searle, Jeff Sonstein, Zigurd Mednieks, Alex Kerr, Werner Egipsy Souza, Walter Adamson, Dean Bubley, Vladimir Dimitroff, Peter Cranstone, and barely, with only a 5% margin is again our William Volk. Congratulations and thank you for keeping our discussion board active.

Finally the most popular topics and threads over the last 3 months seem to be all generated by our Ajit this time, he's been very productive and provocative clearly. but the topics our Forum has discussed most in this past 3 month period are:

Nokia Ad Services (Ajit Jaokar) 55 comments
Non-IMS SIP opportunity (Ajit Jaokar) 49 comments
Flash Lite is not WICD (Ajit Jaokar) 48 comments
Mobile Ajax posting by Rocco Georgi (Ajit Jaokar) 47 comments
FMC value proposition (Ajit Jaokar) 38 comments
Mobile as 7th Mass Media (Tomi Ahonen) 32 comments
US LBS and Sprint (Peter Cranstone) 31 comments
Young Users slow to mobile internet (William Volk) 30 comments
Google phone (Peter Yang) 23 comments
Cellops and fixed networks (Peter Yang) 21 comments
Nokia maps (Tomi Ahonen) 21 comments
GPS (Ajit Jaokar) 19 comments
T-Mobile bans (Nicolaas Pereboom) 19 comments
Will there be another must-have feature (Dean Bubley) 19 comments 

So thats our forum the past 3 months. And also note, that 22 of our most fascinating threads over the first year and a half were selected into the first edition of our Journal. We'll have a separate posting about that.

Keep posting comments, ask questions, telling us about your innovations. Whenever any bloggers out there do an interesting blog post, cross-link it here. Anyone who hosts the Carnival of the Mobilists, please include the link here at our forum.

And for members - bring in any friends and colleagues who may be interested in the future of mobile. Give them the enrollment key as "forumoxford" so that they can do their sign-up to our free forum.

Its been my pleasure and honour co-moderating this forum, it is my fave place to come to every morning, and a rich resource for me to learn more about our industry and emerging trends. I hope you find it useful too.

Signed your stats guy...

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat    :-)