Streaming Video LIVE over Cell phones

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Streaming Video LIVE over Cell phones
by Jamie Graham - Monday, 14 November 2005, 10:47 PM

I am setting up a program to offer streaming video live via cell phones.
The service broadcast Internatioanlly and uses broadband and sophisticated technology to deliver hi-quality content live to cell phone and Internet users.

This is used for a variety of areas such as:
-News - live cast from the cell phone (urgent scenarios)
-Business - Live feeds during difficult implementations where video is handy
-Entertainment and Marketing - feeds for Internet consumption
AND YES - this also works with regular PC's.

This is available at the first 0f 2006 - Q1.
If you know of other simialr services please advise.
If you are interested in using such a service please contact me!

I look forward to your feedback!

jamie Graham
eBusinessWired, Inc.