Hello folks

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Re: Hello folks
by Bruce Scharlau - Wednesday, 1 March 2006, 10:12 AM
Guys, thanks for the hearty welcome to the forum.

Martin, I had discussed syncML with the student doing the wish list, and yes, as you say it should be shared. It's supposed to help coordinate Christmas shopping so if two people want to collaborate on say, 'the present for Mom', then they can check that the idea is ok, and whether the other person has got it yet to. I'd not thought of the wish list type of app for the city wifi project, but now you mention it, it may be useful. We'll see how that goes, it might be something worth looking into when the project gets further along. The main thing about the wifi project though is that for now, it's not to be anything more than xhtml based with appropriate stylesheets for handsets so that it covers more users, so in this context synching should not be an issue.