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by Elmer Zinkhann - Monday, 10 April 2006, 2:38 PM
Hi all,

I've been reading and writing along for a little while now. Reading up on new trends and technologies emerging. And I couldn't think of a more interesting time to be looking into it! It seems that all technologies are becoming available not 5 years from now, but they are being rolled out as we speak. New ways of interacting, new platforms, mash ups and web2.0-culture (rather than just the  technologies), communities for the masses, it's all so relevant.

I'm happy to be able to read up on and even participate in what has been discussed. I'm not aware of any other forum, group or community which discusses their ideas so freely and professionally as here.

I'm currently doing a seven month graduation project (followed by a colloquiem) until mid-august. My self-defined project was intentionally to make more use of the 3G (soon hsdpa) network as such. I found that it had been a long time since UMTS frequencies were sold, and had not seen any decent use of that technology  - which was quite a rough statement - . So I made it my goal to define a context for user interaction, which will focus on a single service and dedicated product. At the moment I have defined this context, which is to promote physical interaction, because I believe that a lack of physical interaction indirectly leads to a lack of social behaviour.

Speak to you on the forum!

Elmer Zinkhann