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by Dean Bubley - Sunday, 4 June 2006, 11:22 PM

Hi, I'm Dean Bubley, a technology industry analyst & consultant. I specialise in writing and advising on mobile / wireless topics, through my company Disruptive Analysis (site will be updated in next few days) my blog Disruptive Wireless and regular conference presentations & chairmanships . I've been invited to join Forum Oxford by Tomi Ahonen.

I am particularly interested in areas such as FMC, VoWLAN, SIP & IMS, wireless broadband and in-building wireless solutions.

As you may guess from my firm's name, I quite like taking a contrarian stance (as Tomi's & my posts on each other's blogs tend to demonstrate!)

While I am heavily focused on the mobile sector, my general belief is that the industry "breathes its own exhaust" too much. I don't buy into the rhetoric that "everything will be mobile", and I generally feel that many Internet and IP-centric fixed operators have a more compelling view of the future than "legacy" mobile-only carriers.

I believe that "connectivity is king", not content, and that (with a few exceptions), the best solution for mobile applications is to provide users with a high-quality wireless pipe to "the Real Internet", rather than trying to force-feed them dedicated services. By all means optimise the Internet for mobile devices in terms of the user interface/experience, but don't go down the route of walled gardens and proprietary content.

I also have a bit of a pet hate about poor customer service, and rampant over-pricing of certain wireless-related offerings - especially cellular data roaming, hotel WLAN hotspots and European SMS. One of the great things about Wireless IP is that it should hopefully arbitrage many of the rip-off merchants out of business.