Hello from Switzerland

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Hello from Switzerland
by David Mantripp - Monday, 21 August 2006, 1:29 PM

Hi -

In a few weeks I will be taking on the role of "Manager of Concept Development" for a new company, ImaginVenture, based in Lugano, Switzerland. We intend to investigate, prototype and participate in bringing to market a diverse portfolio of mobile web applications. At the moment, we're in the early exploratory stages - we don't even have a website yet. The company is well-funded, and is in for the long haul.

My previous direct experience in the mobile world was as part-owner and product manager at Vilkas, a company also based in Lugano, which was unfortunately underfunded, and became an ex-company in late 2004. However, we had a couple of very nice products, principally in the enterprise area, a some - but not enough - good customers. Vodafone Live in Switzerland still uses our back end MMS management system, and I broke out in a cold sweat the other day when I realised we had all the pieces in place to build YouTube.... oh well.  We were also very early in the market with a fully fledged video-enabled, operator-centric mobile blogging platform, but, unfortunately, a major Swiss telco (starts with "Swiss") we were trying to pitch it too told us that nobody was interested in blogging. Or, presumeably, using any of that UMTS bandwitdth the company has invested in.

So, shaken but not stirred, here we go again. I hope to be able to make some useful contributions to this forum.

David Mantripp

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Re: Hello from Switzerland
by Michael Robinson - Tuesday, 22 August 2006, 9:45 PM


It sounds like you are embarking on a challenging journey.  I wish you the best.  My experience in the mobile content industry has been a fantastic learning curve.  The one thing that seems to be a constant is change at a very rapid velocity. 

Innovation is at the heart of the mobile industry, and that is what makes it such a vibrant and exciting industry.  You will likely discover, and probably already have, the many opportunities to innovate and differentiate.  I found that my enemy was group think, where everyone on my team or in the organization didn't think something was possible or practical.

It is hard to maintain confidence in an idea while others nearby are decalring it dead.  I think that is a benefit of this forum.  I look forward to following your progress and if I can help let me know.