Hi, I'm Rocco

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Hi, I'm Rocco
by Rocco Georgi - Monday, 11 September 2006, 12:49 PM
Hi everyone,

my name is Rocco. I'm a web developer working for my own company called PavingWays. We're a small, very new company with just a few people and we're trying to do "web applications on (mobile) devices". The "mobile" is in brackets, because we focus not only on mobile phones, but also on e.g. handheld and stationary game consoles, such Sony PSP, PS3 (will have a web browser) or Nintendo DS and Wii (Opera) - basically any device that has a webbrowser, but is not a desktop or laptop computer.

I feel that there is a huge amount of work and research ahead of us. One of the things we are planning to do is creating a browser support chart for phones that will be open for anybody to extend by opening test URLs on their cellphone and deciding if it worked or not.

I already did some work in the area of mobile AJAX - just google for "CarCulatr" - and I think this will be the future of applications on the phone, as soon as data traffic becomes more affordable than it is now and mobile browsers start supporting XMLHttpRequest (some do already).

I hope this forum will be a good source for inspiration and contacts in the field and I will share my insights here as well.

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welcome Rocco ..
by Ajit Jaokar - Monday, 11 September 2006, 6:04 PM
good to see you here! rgds Ajit