Introducing Myself

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Introducing Myself
by Jeff Sonstein - Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 6:40 PM

Who Am I?

Hello. My name is Jeff Sonstein, and I am a Professor in the Information Technology Department at RIT in the US.

Why Am I Here?

I am beginning to develop a Center for the Handheld Web here, to focus on the issue of how to design Web sites for mobile users. I contend we all have more questions than answers about what are actually the "best practices" for such sites. I also contend that the shift to HTML-MP and CSS-Mobile coupled with directly serving mobile content from normal Web servers is a huge change. I argue that JavaScript/ECMAScript (and probably SVG-Tiny) will be supported by more and more mobile device browsers as well, and that this means they will increasingly be integrated into Web 2.0.

Most of my colleagues think I am nuts.

I hope to get some ideas here for building content focusing on these issues, and that is why I am here