Introducing Andrew

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Introducing Andrew
by Andrew Mackie - Tuesday, 20 February 2007, 1:55 PM

Hi all,


Andrew from the UK here.

Im an eager beginner in the area of mobile and want to understand better the marketing opportunities available now or in the near future. My main areas of interest are:


1, Financial Service Marketing How can we market unsexy products on mobile. What relevant content can we share with the users to engage in a relationship?


2, Location based targeting -How can we serve ads / interact with people when they enter relevant places, i.e. car insurance offers when people go to a car hypermarket.


3, FSA / Compliance guidelines. I know, an area not so exciting but sadly very relevant in the FS marketplace. If there are people in the forum who have used FSA approved mobile marketing it would be good to hear from you. Likewise, any compliance officers out there I would live to chat.

Right, Ive gone on enough, finally if there are any good mobile marketing courses in the UK please drop me a line.