Newest Canuck to join the Forum

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Newest Canuck to join the Forum
by Cameron Doherty - Monday, 26 February 2007, 1:50 AM
Hello everyone.

My name is Cameron Doherty, and I am the Chief Executive of a firm in Denver, Colorado called Ultext, where we belief that a proper interface to the mobile web should include voice and speech. Tomi introduced me to this Forum, right after he pointed out the error in some of my logic while blogging about the iPhone last month.

I have been in IT for 10 years, Telecom IT for just 2 years, and serve on the Short Code Committee at the Mobile Marketing Association.

Even though I was born and raised on a farm near Calgary, Canada, don’t let the cowboy hat in my picture fool you into thinking that I actually know how to saddle my own horse. :-) Looking forward to participating in this forum, and will try to add value wherever I can.