Hello from Melbourne

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Hello from Melbourne
by Julian Wong - Wednesday, 29 August 2007, 8:29 AM

Hello world,

A bit about me and some current activites  ... I'm Julian Wong, head of mobile user experiences at Sensis (a directories, search and advertising company). We have a portfolio of location-based services available on & off-portal which include local search, auto-positioning (cell & AGPS), maps, directions, messaging, video, scalable GUIs and personalisation features depending on your device and carrier. We monetise these services with targeted advertising including sponsored listings, location-coupons and display banners. Our services span imode, wap and 3G networks including HSPDA, which makes for a complex array of UI customisation and device management. Our interaction design specs are out of this world.

Right now I'm interested in enhancing our user experiences with AJAX as the mobile browser market begins to offer this level of support. This won't make life easy for the developers and designers. We're all grappling with challenges and questions around the future of mobile web v. clients, oneweb, convergence with online and a whole bunch of other themes. In any case, i'm here to listen, learn and contribute on all things mobile web 2.0.