first impressions

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first impressions
by David Trevayne-Smith - Wednesday, 3 October 2007, 4:10 PM

As they say first impressions count and from seeing the wealth of talent within this forum i would say my first impression and hope for transfer of knowledge and ideas is great.

I am Technical Director of a wireless test laboratory involved in multiple areas of the the industry from research and development of core and test specification relevant to GERAN and UTRAN technologies, to the validation of test platforms for both these technologies and including GAN, WiMax and A-GPS to certificaiton testing and consultancy for terminal and modular approvals (a nice old word)

Based in Melbourn near Cambridge, however spending the majority of time globally from involvement in certification and consultancy meetings.

In brief what we do, is provide the reports and certificates to allow the adoption of ideas be unleashed on our public... perhaps sometimes as guinea pigs enabling revision of ideas and technologies to grow and at other times (perhaps sadly) to allow the commercial growth and perhaps demise of commercial giants.

hello to you all