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The buzz after the Conference

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The buzz after the Conference
by Tomi Ahonen - Friday, 20 April 2007, 11:01 AM

Several members have remarked on the Forum or privately that after our successful event on Friday the 13th, the Forum has been truly buzzing with vibrant discussions.

I took a snapshot. Over the past week we've added 39 new threads (6 per day, although on one day - Tuesday - I think we added 22). but the discussions have been most intense. We've added 340 comments or 48 new comments PER DAY. Wow. That is amazing. And the average thread this past month has attracted a total of 8.9 new comments. Very active, very intense and deep discussion.

I do believe this is a peak level, it will probably settle down to nearer our pre-conference level, but also it is likely that we'll find our post-conference activity at Forum Oxford will have jumped to a higher level that will be sustained. Not this heavy as this past week, but much higher than it was before (when we already were a very active community with a dozen new comments every day etc)

Just a quick usage observation. Now returning you to our regularly scheduled debates and discussions....

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