Hi Everyone

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Hi Everyone
by Dorian Tallbody - Wednesday, 29 October 2008, 7:52 PM

I'm Dorian 'Tallbody' Rodney from Oxford, UK. I'm excited about the future
potential of all things mobile-related and hope to become involved in co-designing mobile-enabled learning devices, tools & applications, etc.

Previously involved in database management and business data analysis, I've been responsible for handling large quantities of customer information in the past and it was during my time in this role that I was first drawn to the idea of developing my own unique system capable of attracting high volumes of people to a central location for the purpose of surveying them to capture valuable demographic data.

I've since been able to design this system and the target market is mobile (phone) device users. I intend to put a proposal in front of potential investors regarding my design for a new web/mobile-based social networking site aimed directly at the mobile device users market however, I first need to talk with someone to discuss certain technical and non-technical aspects of my design.

There are basically 3 components to my final design...
(1) an application that provides a unique and addictive activity,
(2) a location where this activity can take place &
(3) third-party product & service vendors in and around the location.

For obvious reason I'm unable to place full details in this message but can provide further details for those willing to offer the benefit of their experience, take a look and offer any views or comments.

I look forward to hearing from you all, and getting involved in discussions.