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Tuukka Ylälahti
by Tuukka Ylälahti - Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 4:11 AM
Hello Everyone and thank you Tomi for inviting me!

My name is Tuukka Ylälahti and I’m an avid observer and participant in all things mobile and digital. My background comes from consumer insight and market research in the digital market, specializing in the mobile media and the internet.

Currently I work as a consultant in an advisory role regarding consumer privacy. In this role I serve as a “translator” for the corporate lawyers on how to present privacy related information so that it actually becomes meaningful for the consumer. I also do concepting work related to the privacy, such as web service and UI design, first use experience; user agreement & marketing consent acquisition, etc.

I was invited here by Tomi T. Ahonen, who took an interest in a pilot project I recently launched with few friends of mine. Its called and it is a super easy location sharing service for GPS capable Symbian smart phones. The beef of our innovation is that only the sender needs to have a GPS capable device and the Puskaradio client -the receiver needs only a standard browser capable phone and a data connection. More about Puskaradio in the Discussion forums.

I look forward for comments about our little brainchild and of course ideas on how to make it grow and perhaps even become a commercial service.

Tuukka Ylälahti
Management Consultant at Novacon (
Lead concept designer & spokesperson for Puskaradio
Skype: ylalahtit
Helsinki, Finland