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Oxford University Launches Next Generation Mobile Applications Panel

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Oxford University Launches Next Generation Mobile Applications Panel
by Ajit Jaokar - Sunday, 4 September 2005, 5:24 PM

The University of Oxford's new Next Generation Mobile Applications Panel is being launched on Monday 5 September. This web discussion forum is a joint Oxford University initiative between industry and the Department of Continuing Education. The Next Generation Mobile Applications Panel will bring together the best thinkers in the telecoms industry and enable the discussion of thoughts and ideas on all aspects of Mobile Applications with other like-minded members of the community.

It will also launch a quarterly journal which will enable the best articles and insightful comments to be published under the auspices of the Oxford university next generation mobile applications panel.
Chaired by Ajit Jaokar, Futuretext Publishing and the Forum Moderator, and co chaired by Tomi Ahonen, author and 3G Consultant, the forum is free to join and is sponsored by the university of Oxford Electronics and Telecoms Programme.

To register for the forum visit

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Spread the word and invite your friends, blog and post about the Panel
by Tomi Ahonen - Monday, 5 September 2005, 12:22 PM

Dear Panelists

We are formally going live today, Sept 5. Feel free to invite all your friends, both that kind who might be interested in participating in the discussions, and also all those who may only want to "listen in" and follow the discussions.

You can send the above press release to any media contacts and friends and colleagues.

If you have a blogsite or website, please do post about this new panel and invite readers to visit.

Please help us spread the word, we want this to be open to all, the more we find interested parties, the better will the value be to all of us.

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat   :-)