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Tell us about your blogsite (or website)

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Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Tomi Ahonen - Wednesday, 7 September 2005, 11:33 AM

Dear Panelists. Many of us are also active bloggers, or have specialised websites that we contribute regularly to. In very many cases we in the industry wish to find a dedicated specialised site to address a given need or area. Here, as we the panelists, all share in the overall interests in mobile, it is likely that our own blogsites and websites will be a great resource for further specialised info.

Therefore, please post a short description - and link - of your blogsite and/or your website. Please give us its intended focus and also how frequently it is updated. Please try to keep your descriptions to one paragraph per blog/website. I'll start us off with my examples

My blogsite is around the themes of my fourth book, and entitled Communities Dominate Brands blogsite at  It is run together with my co-author Alan Moore, and we post approx every day. We look at the converging digital space (beyond just mobile: including blogging, gaming, dating, TV convergence etc) and how it impacts the advertising/branding/marketing and media space.

My website is to support my primary consulting business around the business of next generation mobile telecoms. It has links to my books, my speakerships, my background, etc, and I try to update it every month. The one valuable "take-away" at my website is the "Pearl of the Month" that I feature every month, celebrating the best new mobile services I have discovered around the world. You can scroll back to mid 2001 to find those Pearls and this is intended to be the place to find interesting examples if you are writing a story, speaking at a conference (or want ideas to make more money for your employer ha-ha). The link is

Now please tell us about your blogsite(s) and/or your website(s).

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat   :-)

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Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by dan rockwell - Thursday, 8 September 2005, 11:06 PM
My blogsite is called FloozySpeak. It was actually an inside joke brought up by the fact that I love "floozy" drinks, margaritas especially. Now how the margarita got tagged as "floozy" in the minds of my friends I don't know. The "speak" part of it basically reflects the need to talk. I need to write. I need to speak.

I basically view FloozySpeak as a take on todays digital culture and existance. I think we're floozies in the literal sense in that we are addicted to the stream of ideas happening on the web. 

Now before you go to FloozySpeak keep the idea of the "stream" in mind.  My writing is a stream of consciousness and I rarely spell-check.  So before you go there and think "what a snot, spell check damnit" be forwarned - I didn't on purpose. 

Spellchecking is like proof reading and since alot of what I do is about capturing real experience it's rubbed off on me that experience isn't spell checked.  This plagues me in real life actually but thats another story.  For me, for this floozy, to check would be to lose the essence of the moment. 

So that's the name, what about the blog? Well I work in user experience research better known as design research or human factors, or insert interesting research related word here. I blog about my experiences in research, specificly my end of it - capture, process, analysis, biz dev, trends, and more. Even more specific would be things like retail ethnography, qualitative data analysis software, and day in the life experience capture.

Apart from the research angle there's my own obsession with the "edge" as i've been reffering to lately. The edge is the buzz happening on the net, its everything from API development to social networks to LBS to mobile marketing to gadgets to trend spotting and more. The edge is hard to explain. I find its hard to get people who don't know about the edge to truly understand its importance. The edge is emerging technology in the social context. Its not just the technology its the resounding "boom" of it on the web thats interesting to me.  Alot of it is solutions searching for applications. The research side of me scolds me often with the whole "thats great dan.. now why do i need it" point of view. But luckily I can't resist the edge and continue to devour it as it evolves on the net.

So we got the research, the edge, and then of course anything personal. This includes my rants on management and business development, my reviews on anything and everything and general news about my self and the world around me.

For hobbies I like animation, video creation (i'm a trained avid editor who used to work in japanese animation and film production), ideas and concepts in marketing and advertising.

Like many bloggers, my blog is like therapy for me.  Plotting my ideas over time is great I think.  I can recall memories and moments, I can search my past, what i was thinking, saying, doing.  Without it would I be crazy?  Nah, I'd probably be creating something else really. 

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Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Murli Ravi - Friday, 9 September 2005, 1:43 PM

This isn't going to be as structured a post as Tomi's and Dan's...

My blog is called Greek Complexity and possibly the only way to describe what I write about is to quote the tagline at the top of my site:

'The time has come', the walrus said,/'To talk of many things,/Of finance and technology,/VC and marketing.' (with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

That gives you a feel for how all-over-the-place my writings are. Having said that, I do find myself fitting into particular grooves for a certain amount of time before I flit to my next topic. At the moment, I seem to be writing a fair amount about media and wireless, particularly on the business model side of things, and this phase has lasted quite a while.

I've previously had bouts of venture capital/private equity fever (so much so that some readers thought I was a VC), ruminated on finance and mused on technology developments in Asia.

I also sometimes share things on a personal note, like I'm writing a partly-fictional-mostly-true account of a paragliding course I took recently. Haven't gotten very far with the writing but photos and a video are available if anyone would like to take a look.

Walter Adamson @adamson
Re: your blogsite (or website) - i-mode, and mobile search
by Walter Adamson - Sunday, 11 September 2005, 12:36 PM

My primary blog/website in mobile is i-mode Business Strategy at  where with Pascal Lorne from Marseille we also host the i-mode Content Forum (iCF).  The iCF is the world's largest and most active business association of content providers to the i-mode alliance partners.  We post a Weekly Business Newsletter (each Sunday) and usually 5 - 6 posts each week.  The topic covers all of the i-mode ecosystem including history ("As It Happened") and industry analysis.  We also have iCF sites in French and Japanese.

A secondary website (by numbers) is my focus on mobile search.  I seem to have the world's only website focused purely on mobile search at The source of the name is obvious, and I keep up posting 3 to 4 posts per week on that single focused topic.  I think that mobile search, in particular local mobile search, will be a enormous business segment.

Please take a look, and you can subscribe in various ways, including using "change detection" to notify you of activity on the sites.

Regards, Walter

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Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Martin Geddes - Monday, 12 September 2005, 11:05 AM
I'm Martin Geddes and my litle bloglet is at Telepocalypse.  I started it when a frustrated employee at Sprint as a means to vent, but it rapidly grew out of all control and became a new career as a telco consultant.  I write about the "stupid network" and how the separation of connectivity and service causes trauma to the industry.  I also look at successful business models and product trends.
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Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Shane Williamson - Tuesday, 27 September 2005, 1:36 AM

I have a blog that discusses 3G & mobile convergence from an Australian's perspective called "Shane's Place", though there are a lot of topics on technology in general too.

I'm also an advocate of Cluetrain & Technologies of Cooperation.

looking forward to the conversation,


Picture of Murli Ravi
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Murli Ravi - Tuesday, 27 September 2005, 7:41 PM

Hi Shane,

This isn't really on-topic for this forum but, since you're the first serious blogger I've come across who uses MSN Spaces, I have to ask -- how has your experience with the platform been so far? A lot of people, self included, made the usual critical noises when MSN came up with this. But I'm curious to know what a real user such as yourself has experienced.

Any great pains? Anything you really like? Or are you completely indifferent to the platform? What made you choose Spaces -- the price (free), integration with MSN, blogging features or just plain happenchance?



Picture of Shane Williamson
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Shane Williamson - Monday, 12 December 2005, 3:47 AM

Hi Murli.

Sorry for the long delay in replying but I missed your comments in past readings.

I find MSN Spaces adequate for a simple blogging tool. They are missing some key factors that I find limiting, such as:

  • posting files other than images
  • including generic HTML code in posts and other sections of the template.
  • Very simple reporting services.
  • inability to use custom themeing.

Other than these things I find it a great entry level product. I'm currently investigating moving across to a more professional Blogging environment incvluding registering an easier URL too.



2009 head shot
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Barbara Ballard - Thursday, 29 September 2005, 2:29 PM
My blog focuses on mobile user experience paired with industry events and themes that affect mobile user experience. It's at, mirrored at

I post at least once a week. Topics include fundamental user experience principles I'm working through, product concepts, carrier missteps, Palm missteps, and an ongoing exploration of what makes mobile user experience design different from desktop user experience design.
Picture of Leonid Iakovlev
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Leonid Iakovlev - Monday, 24 October 2005, 10:43 AM
Wireless Data News Blog is a newsletter/blog that concisely summarises all important news about mobile Internet applications during a week. It gives opportunities to be up-to-date with recent happenings to those who are able to spare only ten minutes (and do receive similar newsfeeds a lot already) as well as to those who are willing to do an extensive research on the subject. It shows meanwhile a subjective Finland-centred view on the field that could be useful to consider.
Picture of Peter George
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Peter George - Wednesday, 26 October 2005, 10:01 AM
Mobile Data News Online is the online version of the Mobile Data Association's popular newsletter.

Now, instead of having to wait for the next bi-monthly edition of Mobile Data News, you can get instant, real-time access to the latest news and information about the mobile data industry.

To make life easy we have divided up the news into topic sections including

  • Mobile Billing and Payments

  • Mobile Broadband

  • Mobile Data Processing Technologies

  • Mobile Enterprise

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile Media and Entertainment

  • Mobile Messaging

  • Mobile VoIP and VoWLAN

..and as always, we also bring you the news about the activities and campaigns run by the Mobile Data Association .

Through this service Mobile Data News can also be syndicated quickly and easily using our RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. Based on the XML data format, RSS is the simplest way to keep up to date with Mobile Data News, or even add Mobile Data News headlines to your site. By using our RSS feeds, you'll be able to display the latest headlines and stories on your own Web pages, in real time.

Register today and stay completely up to date with your industry.

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Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Selena Chan - Thursday, 27 October 2005, 2:13 AM

My blog is an archive of resources and reflections as I take a journey into using mlearning to connect with distance learners who are apprentices training in the workplace.  I have been blogging since the beginning of the year and tend to post a blog about every fortnight. 

I am interested in improving access for learners by making use of the technology available through mobile phones.  I have been following some of the various discussions that have been taking place over the last couple of months.  They are providing me with a really good way to keep up to date with how quickly the technology is moving.  I am also most impressed with how the people behind the developing technology are putting people before technology. 

I am particularly interested in making contact with anyone involved in mlearning projects, so please make contact.


Picture of martin lindner
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by martin lindner - Thursday, 17 November 2005, 1:12 PM
hi selena,

"I am particularly interested in making contact with anyone involved in mlearning projects" -- so, yes, that includes me. for details see the blog-URLs i give in my post below. cheers! martin
Picture of Mark Curtis
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Mark Curtis - Thursday, 27 October 2005, 3:03 PM
I've been thinking about the effect of digital culture on society for sometime now - since 1995 when it became clear to me that new communications opportunities were opening up. And they just haven't stopped have they?

My view is that it's a mixed blessing. If you are interested you can see more at

I update it in fits and spurts. Another one coming soon.....

I've written a book too, recently published by Futuretext. Yup Tomi introduced me to Ajit,- hi chaps! It's called Distraction - Being Human in The Digital Age and is available at the Futurext website or Amazon (UK).
Picture of Ajit Jaokar
my blogsite is called OpenGardensBlog ..
by Ajit Jaokar - Thursday, 27 October 2005, 11:40 PM
Its at  or  HERE

Its based on my book OpenGardens 
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Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Nagarajan Gopalakrishnan - Wednesday, 16 November 2005, 3:53 AM

About my blog site its called "thoughts". Its been hosted in blogspot as
Most i express my views in Mobile phones, sometime on other busines happening, some time technical things and ofcourse sometimes on my trek trips and my thoughts on general things.

I have been actively blogging since last Jan. Everyboy welcome to comment on my thoughts.

Picture of Ajit Jaokar
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Ajit Jaokar - Wednesday, 16 November 2005, 5:54 AM
welcome nagarajan. had a quick look at your blog. Looks impressive! Hope you like it here kind rgds Ajit
Picture of Nick Ris
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Nick Ris - Wednesday, 16 November 2005, 9:18 AM

my recently started blog is I will be writing about my experiences of innovative mobile services, what makes money, and why certain ventures are doomed to failure!  I'm particularly interested in Brand, online offline convergence, and development of social networks.


Picture of martin lindner
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by martin lindner - Thursday, 17 November 2005, 1:06 PM
my personal blog is mediatope II. it's about, well, media: started off with media theory, but now concentrating on Web 2.0 (including mobile) and Semantic Web, with occasional pop-culture mixed in.

the professional blog I'm writing (started some weeks ago) is the Micro Blog at we are a research studio concentrating on complex microknowledge solutions with a special focus on mobile (smartphones and Java-based), because we see this as the frontier of the upcoming micromedia environment ("2.0"). But e-mails and SMS are already counting as micromedia in our sense.

We try to have a look behind mere technology, at (micro-)experiences and sociocultural (micro-)practices. That's why I came here after all, after reading Tomi's blog entries on telephony as "7th Mass Media".

I'll attach the short decription for our upcoming conference, called - unsurprisingly - "Microlearning2006" (official call not out yet), as it is very much including a mobile perspective.

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Thank you all, consider also joining Wireless Watch - Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Tomi Ahonen - Wednesday, 26 April 2006, 4:05 PM

Thank you all for telling us about your blogsites

Anyone new to Forum Oxford with a blogsite, or those of us who have recently "taken the plunge" and started to blog, please also tell us about your blogsites. This is an excellent collection of specialist focus blogs related to our industry.

Now, for the bloggers themselves, you might be interested in joining the Wireless Watch, to add your blog to that aggregated mobile theme collection site. Go take a look, and if you like it, consider signing up to it. It is at

(it is also rapidly becoming my number one reading every morning, to see what is going on in the industry. I absolutely love the service, but then, I am both a news junkie and hopelessly passionate about mobile, so I would love this type of service ha-ha...)

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat   :-)

Picture of Keith McMahon
Re: Thank you all, consider also joining Wireless Watch - Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Keith McMahon - Friday, 28 April 2006, 1:13 PM
My tiny blog is called and as it was born only this week, it is probably a little to claim to have a defined direction.

I know that this week I posted about nextgen services (Photo, Identity, Location & Voice) and my topic for next week is going to be "Cross Border European Networks" - are they worth the bother? Especially given the time, effort and money Vodafone has used building theirs.

As well as Industry Current Topics, I plan on writing about some of the characters involved in the industry in the past. So tonight, I'm going to post about "The Godmother of Spread Spectrum - Hedy Lamarr"

 Keith McMahon

Picture of Gerhard Fasol
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Gerhard Fasol - Saturday, 20 May 2006, 5:59 PM
Picture of Jordy Mont-Reynaud
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Jordy Mont-Reynaud - Monday, 22 May 2006, 5:37 PM
My new mobile industry blog is at  I'll write about  SMS and WAP services, mobile games, mobile social networks, and other innovations in the mobile consumer space.  I hope to bring a unique perspective to the already lively discussions happening in this area from my position as a mobile evangelist  tryring to build the killer mobile app at Digital Chocolate.  Let me know what you think!


Picture of Scott Smith
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Scott Smith - Thursday, 20 July 2006, 3:35 AM
My personal project, which is turning into something more substantial at the moment, is Smartspace, located for the time being at Smartspace is focused on the evolution and convergence of annotated environments, intelligent infrastructure and digital landscapes--the merging of technology with the environment around us, and the overlay of digital environments on the physical ones we inhabit. This includes discussions, observations and insights on ubiquitous and embedded computing, mapping, location-based services and locative technologies, surveillance and tracking, geotagging, smart homes, intelligent environments, the annotated reality, and virtual worlds, where the increasingly intersect with the physical. The goal of Smartspace is to bring together all of these islands of activity to draw a picture of the digital overlay on the physical world, and pinpoint the important connecting "tools" which bring the two together. An upcoming paper on Placelessness is in my pipeline, examining how we move from one placeless state to another on a daily basis. Contact me if you'd like to know more.

I am also managing blogger at, which follows and highlights important trends and events in consumer mobile technology markets worldwide. Tomi is a reader, I believe!

Picture of Darla Mack
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Darla Mack - Thursday, 20 July 2006, 3:35 PM
My blog basically started out as just something to do but I'm now proud of how much its grown.

I basically write about things that interest me as far as mobile technology, s60, Nokia and US service providers (mostly T-Mobile). 

I guess I'm not as advanced as most of the members here but I love what I do. smile

Darla Mack - Days in the Life of a Mobile Diva
Picture of Dean Bubley
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Dean Bubley - Wednesday, 13 September 2006, 11:36 AM


I've been a poster on the Forum for some time, but I also have my own blog at

As an industry analyst, I use the blog as a forum for voicing all the opinions I don't get a chance to write about in full reports. Given I speak to 30-50 people per month from operators and vendors, and usually attend 2-3 conferences, I have quite a lot of opinions.... usually about how consensus is flawed. My pet topics are mobile services, handsets, FMC, IMS, wireless broadband as well as some underlying nitty-gritty technologies like chipsets, SIP and so on.

My main "company" website is at - this has more details about published research reports & custom consulting services.

Picture of Kevin Evans
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Kevin Evans - Wednesday, 13 September 2006, 2:15 PM
My blog is  where like most people on this forum I voice my opinions and ask difficult questions that may not necessarily gel with my employer's official party line!

I focus on technology, partnerships, strategies and business models in the telco space.  I like to see and talk about market upheaval and disruption (btw, Dean Bubley - I really enjoy reading your postings). 

Since I work for Sycamore (who just acquired my former employer Eastern Research), a lot of my postings these days are network infrastructure related.  But my real passion is convergent media, wireless broadband and the elusive 3G killer app.  Oh, and the endless entrepreneurial opportunities that lie before us. 
Kevin Evans
Picture of Oren Levine
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Oren Levine - Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 9:25 PM
Hi everyone,
I work in the Multimedia team of Nokia's S60 software platform, and write a public blog that is aimed at software developers and smartphone owners who are interested in mobile multimedia:

This blog is a way for people who own and develop for S60 smartphones to communicate directly with us in the multimedia software team, and for us to get direct feedback from developers and users.

I add one or two posts a week.

-Oren Levine
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To all bloggers, about the Carnival -Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Tomi Ahonen - Friday, 6 October 2006, 1:29 PM

Hi all bloggers among Forum Oxford

Please be aware that the Carnival of the Mobilists was set up almost a year ago, to showcase the best blog articles of the week. So all who maintain a blog related to mobile, should a) regularly read the Carnival, and b) submit your best writings to the Carnival. The Carnival is always hosted at a different blogsite any week (i am the host this week at ) so to find out where it is next, go to the central place at  where you find the schedule

You can always get good "fodder" of ideas and thoughts at the Carnival, that you can then use to write your own thoughts. Please do always refer obviously to the source if you quote anyone. Sometimes any of us bloggers may find "writer's block" and think there is nothing you could write about. The Carnival is wonderful in triggering new thoughts.

And then, if you are successful in having 3 entries accepted into the Carnival, you qualify for hosting the Carnival. So please also consider doing that.

Ok, enough of a plug...

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat   :-)

Picture of Rocco Georgi
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Rocco Georgi - Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 12:19 AM
we use our blog as our main website on the web - - and try to blog about stuff that is interesting to us and to what we want to do - so there will be lots of info about mobile web browsing and related things.
unfortunately we didn't keep up with posting during the last few weeks, but this will change from today - we are temporarily moving to san francisco and attend some exciting events and will probably meet many exciting people, so there will be a lot to blog about...

Picture of Jag Minhas
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Jag Minhas - Wednesday, 1 November 2006, 8:30 AM
My blogsite is over at

Route 79 is my local bus route. From the top deck of this London bus I get great views and much insight into the way people live, behave and a lot of things that are beautiful in this life. Also a lot of things that are ugly. It's from the top deck of this bus that every day I slip into the occasional daydream. It's also from the top deck of this bus (as well as on the ground along the way) that I take pictures of the world around me. Pictures of things that represent London behind the scenes. There is a slightly-diasporic edge to some of the blog postings, being of North West Indian origin, but raised in the UK and living in North West London. My London bus takes me part way to work; where during the day (and sometimes the night) I am employed at a communications services company called O2 to think about the future of mobile products and devices from a technology perspective. But in actual fact I think of today's mobile products and devices from a customer behaviour perspective, and try to figure out what technology needs to do to better the best experiences in mobile today, and fix some of the bad experiences too.

The format of my blogsite is quite erratic, often a little story shaped around an interesting picture, and I only update it once a week or so. I am a prolific taker of pictures and video, and I would like to believe that I am the single biggest human generator of mobile-generated content in the world. Most of my still pictures are taken with a cameraphone and uploaded to Flickr ( ) and most of my videos can be found uploaded at YouTube ( )

From time to time on my blogsite I will comment about something I am working on, or something that I have thought about that relates to technology and/or mobile, but I have to admit that this happens only occasionally. You may find the blogsite only really very useful as a quick break for tired eyes wanting a glimpse of of life through the eyes of an identity-confused, mid-lifed-crisised, mobile technologist living in London and working in Slough, but ever optimistic about the future.
Picture of Ajit Jaokar
welcome Jag ..
by Ajit Jaokar - Wednesday, 1 November 2006, 10:25 AM
Good to see you here. like your blog and your comments. hope you enjoy it at forumoxford rgds Ajit
Picture of Rocco Georgi
Mobile AJAX post
by Rocco Georgi - Thursday, 8 March 2007, 7:54 PM
just a quick heads-up: i recently posted an article along with some slides from my presentations about mobile ajax in our page -

i made it a page (not a single post), so i can can constantly work on it. it really focuses on the topic in a pragmatic way, so if you're interested in my views about the technology and see some of my "best practices", check it out.

feedback is very welcome!
Picture of Ajit Jaokar
very good Rocco ..
by Ajit Jaokar - Thursday, 8 March 2007, 8:02 PM
this is very good - why dont you post the whole documet here? maybe in text form and we can habve a lot of thougts on it. seperately, I am speaking at Ajaxworld next week about Mobile Ajax and can definately reference some of your work in my talk. email me at ajit.jaokar at 
Picture of Jeff Sonstein
Re: Mobile AJAX post
by Jeff Sonstein - Saturday, 10 March 2007, 8:33 PM

I very much appreciate the comment(s) in your slides about the issue of full-sized JavaScript frameworks. While they are quite useful in the wired/full-screen Web, they are indeed probably not a very good idea for mobile-focused sites.

Thanks for posting these materials. A couple of questions:

  1. Do you have any suggestions about what a framework designed just to support "AJAX" in a mobile-device-friendly manner might look/act like?
  2. "Also remember that DOM manipulations cause heavy CPU and memory load."
    Could you say some more about this issue?


Picture of Ajit Jaokar
Re: Mobile AJAX post
by Ajit Jaokar - Saturday, 10 March 2007, 8:35 PM
Hi Jeff
I am doing some work on this. email me and I will let you know more. shall post here later as well. rgds Ajit
Picture of Jeff Sonstein
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Jeff Sonstein - Tuesday, 7 November 2006, 10:28 PM
  • You can find my courses-oriented website at RIT here.
  • You can find my just-starting-up handheld-focused website here.
  • You can find my personal website here.

Why a Center for the Handheld Web?

Standards Convergence

The emergence of a subset of XHTML and CSS as the standard handheld browser markup system and the elimination of the need for gateways means both authors and webmasters can "build on prior knowledge" to extend their reach to the handheld realm with ease.

Dynamics in the Handheld World

SVG and ECMAScript/JavaScript beginning to show up in handheld devices means rich Internet-based apps become a real possibility. It seems to me the technologies for a Web2.0-ish integration of handheld devices into the larger Web are in place or moving into place now.

The Problem-Set

The problem I am interested in at this point is: how in hell do we design for such a small display and for rich interaction?

I plan to address this and related issues in a series of presentations at RIT over the next few months, and the materials I develop will be posted at the Center for the Handheld Web. I hope to gain significant knowledge by asking questions here, and appreciate the chance to communicate with experts in this area.


Picture of Peter Holland
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Peter Holland - Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 1:33 PM

Welcome to ForumOxford Jeff,

look forward to your contribution.


Portfolio Manager
Electronics & Telecoms Programme
CPD Centre, Department for Continuing Education
University of Oxford
Picture of Jeff Sonstein
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Jeff Sonstein - Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 6:22 PM

Thanks for the note.

I am currently depending upon simulators (and time begged from colleagues on their handheld devices) to test out design ideas and capabilities. My Department Chair has agreed to come up some money for me to purchase a first real handheld device while I work to get an assortment from multiple manufacturers.

Feel like giving some advice? If you only had funds to get one device to try mobile Web design ideas on, what device would you choose?


Picture of david cushman
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by david cushman - Thursday, 9 November 2006, 4:22 PM

My blog is called FasterFuture and It's updated pretty much daily.

It is open for others to author on (let me know you'd like to and you'll get an invite) and is primarily a place to: "Discuss the future of publishing - and the opportunities rapid changes are creating".

Several other emap employees are currently on the author list.

It carries rss feeds on tech news, 3G, etc, recommended blogs and a series of useful links to resources.

If nothing else it compiles, tracks and comments on the rapidly arriving opportunities available to publishers.

Picture of Dennis Hettema
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Dennis Hettema - Tuesday, 21 November 2006, 11:24 AM
Hi all, my blog is called "unrated - musings of a mobile entrepreneur" and can be found at

It started out as therapy and now it has grown into an addiction (not sure if that is progress). Subject matters are: mobile innovation, mobile entrepreneurship, mobile websites, mobile start-ups and general opinions. Updates are daily except for the weekends when my second hobby is taking a lot of my time.

My company website can be found at ShotCode is a proximity marketing technology that allows you to scan circular barcodes with your camera mobile phone, instantly connecting you to any type of online resource. At you can sign up and create your ShotCodes for free (non-commercial & educational use) as well as download the free ShotCode reader for your mobile phone.
Picture of Sarah Blow
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Sarah Blow - Tuesday, 5 December 2006, 2:50 PM

I have 2 blog sites one for mobility and technology related information and the other for women in technology.  I also run the London Girl Geek Dinners and Girl Geek Dinners websites.

You can find the blogs here:

Mobility: "Sarah Blow's .Net Mobile Blog"

Girly Geekdom:

London Girl Geek Dinners:

I look forward to seeing ever more great content from everyone!

Picture of Magnus Hultberg
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Magnus Hultberg - Saturday, 3 March 2007, 6:30 PM
My name is Magnus Hultberg and I eat too much. There. Out in the open. Luckily, I also do the occasional 10k run or who knows what my foodie interests would lead to.

In my blog Tummyrumble I post about food, food experiences, tools of the kitchen and the occasional cookery book.

Carelessly mixing my personal interests with my job (Livebookings Network, software and online booking services for restaurants) I also post lot of comments on competitors, online booking, web technology, daily news roundups in the shape of links from my delicious account and photos from my phone using my flickr account.

Posting is mostly daily (I read way too much too) and comments are accepted and encouraged.

// Manne
Picture of Andrey Gidaspov
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Andrey Gidaspov - Sunday, 4 March 2007, 5:36 AM

Hi everyone,

Seeing a growing interest towards Russian IT & telecom sectors, I have just launched my new web-site: covering a broad range of topics within the Russian and Asian ICT industries.  I update it pretty much every other day, and also have a bi-monthly newsletter, GidaScope, ( for those interested in Russian IT & telecom. Everyone is welcome to subscribe!

As I live and work in Hong Kong, I also have materials related to the HK high tech industry..

And finally, thanks to Ajit, I have just completed my first book ( on Russian IT, and will see it printed some time in April.  The book has plenty of facts, useful tips and contacts, so that one can easily find a reliable Russian partner...

Have a nice day!


Picture of Stephen Jones
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Stephen Jones - Thursday, 8 March 2007, 6:43 AM
My new web site is

What is 'mobsocnet'  - it's my short hand for 'Mobile Social Networking'

Here's what I say about it.

"The mobile operators backed the wrong business model. The one-to-many broadcast of mobile content has failed them. So what now? The passion of connected people to socialise words, voice, media and things around their personal networks never went away - it just went mobile. And its called 'Mobile Social Networking'. It's time is right now.

My goal for (as it was in 2000 for 3G with my web site - is to identify, profile, report on, test and even help develop the applications, services and devices that will define the next generation of popular mobile communications. First there was voice, then text - now welcome to 'mobsocnet'...."

You might want to download my 17 page assessment of why it was obvious to me over 5 years ago (2001) that mobile social networking was coming - download here

If mobsocnet interests you or you want to learn more, then have a look at a workshop I am running on the topic at Oxford University in July 2007 - link below

Also, you can sign up for news of my new report / 'mobile social networking, the financial saviour of the mobile sector' - link below

To get the newsletter - sent to you by email whenever 10 new stories are posted - sign up now - link below

To view the newsletter online - go here

To get the rss feed - add the following url to your news reader - link below

To read the postings on your mobile - add the link to your mobile browser - link below

To visit the web site - go here

Thanks for reading this.

Picture of nnaemeka david
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by nnaemeka david - Tuesday, 20 March 2007, 3:38 PM
my  blogsite is at google blog, am new and passionate about the mobile media and never really surprised at how fast people in my country have taken to the cellphone rather than the pc.
just about 7 articles old now, but i intend attracting like minds in my region to it and make it grow to a fully featured mobile site for everything mobile around me.
Picture of Simon Orme
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Simon Orme - Wednesday, 20 June 2007, 8:46 PM

My blog is at

As you might expect I use it to disseminate my thoughts on the role of brands in the "Digital Media Economy", and you can't do this without thinking through what happens to Me. But don't worry, this is Me-Media, not a drivelling ramble about my mid life crisis!

I've been focused on this area since returning to the UK from a couple of years in Malaysia in 2001. The importance of 2.0 and mobility is a more recent development which is now a cornerstone of this dialogue.

But I'm adamant that this is about mobility rather than just "cellular". I remain unconvinced most MOLO's understand this at all. I might be taking issue with posts which look too mobile operator centric!!

Picture of Chris Eastland
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Chris Eastland - Thursday, 9 August 2007, 12:53 AM


Our website is at

Recently joined this forum. While I live in the US now (Boston, used to be London and Surrey back in the 70s), my wife attended Pembroke College a few years ago and we had a flat on Polstead rd so like to stay in touch with Oxonians and things Oxfordish (like Port Meadow under water or whatever)

Picture of Andreas Constantinou
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Andreas Constantinou - Saturday, 27 October 2007, 3:47 PM
I blog at the VisionMobile Forum.

The VisionMobile Forum is a think tank for mobile strategists, a vehicle for a small group of strategists to exchange ideas and get exposure (like the forums=markets in the Roman and ancient Greek times).

The Forum revolves are one key message: Distilling market noise into market sense. Its about discerning technologies, vendors and the mobile market, filtering the marketing noise and helping readers see out of the box.

Some recent articles:

Motorolas UIQ: Diversion or U-Turn ?

Three reasons for a Google-phone

GPLv2 and GPLv3 licensing dynasty or end of the road?


Picture of Sidhartha Bezbora
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Sidhartha Bezbora - Friday, 14 December 2007, 4:40 PM

My blog is called WirelessDuniya (Duniya means World in Hindi), its a blog on the Indian Mobile industry. Through this blog I keep a track of whats going on in the Indian Mobile VAS industry.

You can check it out


Sidhartha Bezbora

Picture of Reshma Khilnani
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Reshma Khilnani - Tuesday, 15 January 2008, 2:16 AM

 My site is . If you are in China, and don't speak good Chinese you will immediately notice how hard it is to get around. English signs are rare, taxi drivers don't speak English, and addresses are often not systematic. Pseudolocal is a wiki that documents what and where things are in the People's Republic, with the hope of helping the poor "laowai" soul find her way around. It is also a social networking site: all contributors are authenticated using a Facebook account, and their PseudoLocal username is listed as their Facebook FirstnameLastname. If you find a page or topic that interests you, check out the history link at the top of the page and see who wrote it.

Come Visit!

- Reshma

Picture of Volker Hirsch
Volker's Thoughts
by Volker Hirsch - Tuesday, 22 January 2008, 3:04 PM
I write a blog called Volker's Thoughts (URL in clean text:

It deals mainly with questions around mobile content and the related ecosphere. I hope that my insights from my day job (I am the Vice-President for Corporate Development & Legal Affairs for mobile entertainment publisher Hands-On Mobile) helps me to shed some light on the issues that emerge in the sector, and I wanted a platform where I could voice my thoughts independently and without constraints.

Have a look, read, think, comment and enjoy!

Picture of Scott Smith
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Scott Smith - Tuesday, 22 January 2008, 7:23 PM
I have now switched over to from Smartspace with the launch of my new consultancy, Changeist. We track important changes in the relationship between consumers and technology, including at the levels of the mind, body, living spaces, connections to others, work spaces, and the world around us. Due to my background, there is a strong focus on how communications and networks impact all of these levels. Please stop by and have a read, comment, or suggest new ideas.
Picture of Gavin O'Carroll
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Gavin O'Carroll - Thursday, 24 January 2008, 4:23 PM
Hi there,

My blogsite is which is part of my digital design consultancy MakeMode.  We've just launched the Digital Health workshop so there'll be discussions on the progress of this idea there on a regular basis among other things like our new life-streaming service :)


Picture of Alexei Polyakov
Re: Introducing Japan's Cellphone Edge blog
by Alexei Polyakov - Sunday, 10 February 2008, 7:38 AM
Hello! My blog Japan's Cellphone Edge is dedicated to latest mobile trends in Japan: advanced handsets, 3G services, mobile business models, etc. What makes it special is that the majority of sources of information are from Japanese websites that I digest and explain in English, making the content pretty much exclusive. I try to update it daily. I encourage you to leave comments and ask questions on my blog. Thank you.
Picture of Brendan Dunphy
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Brendan Dunphy - Monday, 3 March 2008, 3:40 PM
Hi. My blog on innovation, thought leadership and sustainability is at Although not focused on mobile I have worked extensively in the mobile doamin and I think it is very relevant to mobile as continuing convergence and integration within the communication and internet spheres is blurring traditional distinctions.
Picture of Colin Crawford
Re: Tell us about your blogsite (or website)
by Colin Crawford - Monday, 12 May 2008, 7:56 AM
I'm EVP Interactive of IDG (International Data Communications, Inc) based in San Francisco. My blog, Colin's Corner is at Over the last several years IDG has transformed itself from a print centric to a web centric organization - see recent article on Buzz Machine and the NYTimes Now the challenge is to deliver the appropriate content and services to our audience via mobile devices.
Picture of Ajit Jaokar
welcome to forumoxford Colin ..
by Ajit Jaokar - Monday, 12 May 2008, 7:26 PM
Good to see you here Colin and your IDG insights will be valuable for us on forumoxford kind rgds Ajit