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A bit about us: its 3 weeks and we have some numbers

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A bit about us: its 3 weeks and we have some numbers
by Tomi Ahonen - Tuesday, 27 September 2005, 7:47 AM

Hi All

I am so proud for what we have been able to create so far, and I really hope you all do get as much out of this as Ajit, Peter and I do.

So its 3 weeks from our launch. We have already 265 members, and we are growing at a rate of about 12 new members per day. Our membership covers 36 countries on five continents.

So far we have 35 messages threads and those have 110 replies. Comparing to several other mobile telecoms-related discussion boards many times larger than us by number of registered members, we are very active. We are adding on average about 2 new discussion threads and six new replies per day.

(did anyone spot the fact that I am a nut for statistics ha-ha)

Very nice to have all of you here, and lets build this into a discussion board we can be proud to invite all of our friends to join as well. And while I have you reading this note - please do not be shy. This is YOUR discussion board, for YOUR topics. If you have any thoughts on something that is posted, please go and make your comment online for all of us. And if you have a question, please post it for us. And if you find something interesting, perhaps your company launched something new, or you saw something in your market, or you observe your kids or colleagues doing something surprising, please post it for us all to share. Thank you !

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat   :-)