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wow what a day!!!

Picture of Ajit Jaokar
wow what a day!!!
by Ajit Jaokar - Friday, 13 April 2007, 11:39 PM
What a day!!! what else can I say .. Absolutely perfect.

Please post your comments here
I am in San Francisco and then Malaga and then Monaco in the next two weeks .. so mad schedule .. but I will try and post when I can ..

On behalf of Tomi, Ajit, Peter and Rebecca  - Many thanks for everyone who made it a success!
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Re: wow what a day!!!
by Vladimir Dimitroff - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 1:03 AM

Thanks to you, to Tomi, Peter and Rebecca for organising it - and to everyone else for coming to share. It was a great opportunity and I (and I believe all of us) enjoyed it to the max.

Looking forward to the next event or initiative - MWD perhaps?



Picture of Ajit Jaokar
Re: wow what a day!!!
by Ajit Jaokar - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 3:20 AM
thanks Vlad! More events are being planned. By far the most popular question we had yesterday. Thanks for your support and your session. It was good to meet up finally!!! rgds aj
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Re: wow what a day!!!
by Andrew Grill - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 10:02 AM

Great day, great speakers, great networking.

As someone new to ForumOxford. I too will now be checking and using it daily.

Regards and thanks to all

Andrew Grill
Seeker Wireless

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Re: wow what a day!!!
by Ajit Jaokar - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 10:08 AM
thanks Andrew. feel free to start a new thread about LBS on the forum. I am speaking about LBS in Berkeley / mobile monday silicon valley on this topic 
May 2010
Re: wow what a day!!!
by Zahid Ghadialy - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 10:54 AM

Thanks Ajit, Tomi, Peter and Rebecca for the wonderful day. Thanks to the speakers who gave us wonderful insight from Google to Ferrari wink. I have some suggestions and would like to know what everyone else thinks about them.

1. I felt that there was much more we could have got out of the speakers and had some good discussions but the time wasnt enough. I would still like to hear from approx the same number of speakers though. So the next time can we have this meet over couple of days rather than a day?

2. If its over couple of days (or even if its a day) can we try to have it on a Saturday (or Friday and Saturday). How does others feel about it.

3. The Journal is brilliant but shouldnt we have more original articles rather than the discussion threads. I am sure we can all contribute an article.

4. Over the years i have collected many training materials and conference materials and i have to admit most of the hard copies are racked up in my cupboards. I generally have the soft copies on the pc for further reference. What do others think? Should we have soft copy of the journal rather than the hard copy?

Overall i had lot of fun and interesting discussions and i should commend Tomi who did a splendid job of chairing the event.

I am expecting to see more discussions on the forum now smile

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Re: wow what a day!!!
by Ajit Jaokar - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 11:14 AM
thanks for your suggestions Zahid. We will take them on board. Great to see you and thanks for your participation rgds Ajit
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Re: wow what a day!!!
by Martin Davis - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 11:53 AM

Hi Ajit, Tomi, Peter and Rebecca.

Thanks for a great day - this ranks in the top ten of any industry networking event I have attended over the past 20 years. Excellent profile and mixture of attendees and presentations, and discussion at Internet speed - vibrant and engaging all thanks to the preparation and chairmanship of the event.

I look forward to being an active participant in future discussions and events.

Martin from Mobiya

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Re: wow what a day!!!
by Peter Holland - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 12:01 PM

Hi Vladimir, Andrew, Zahid and Martin,

Thanks for the feedback - it was fantastic to see so many great presentations and so much interaction and participation from all those of you attending.

A great day indeed!


University of Oxford

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top ten of any industry networking event I have attended over the past 20 years!
by Ajit Jaokar - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 12:14 PM
top ten of any industry networking event I have attended over the past 20 years!

Thanks Martin .. great comments .. could you pls blog on your blog and I will link it to my OpenGardens blog .. we truly appretiate your comments .. by the way your blog is very interesting .. I shall follow it more closely now.
Thanks for attending and participating! kind rgds Ajit
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The first User-Generated Conference!
by Nicolaas Pereboom - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 3:54 PM
Hi Ajit, Tomi, Peter, Rebecca, all speakers, etc.,

The conference yesterday was absolutely the best I have visited in the past few years. I actually stopped visiting conferences (and reading management books) some years ago (except for the ones where i had to speak or be in a panel myself smile, so it is not a matter of principle) because many of them really do not add much value and are too often a waste of time and money. This conference absolutely was not. (And Tomi's and Ajit's books are great and the first books I read after finishing the Cluetrain Manifesto).

I believe that letting bloggers of Forum Oxford meet each other in the 'real'l world once a while is a great and very strong concept. We may be seeing (or setting) a trend here. Let's call it from now on: 'User-Generated Conferences'. No need for Professional Event Organizers anymore, communities can handle this themselves. (As a matter of fact KLM is doing something similar with their Club China).

For the next time I would like to extend my earlier offer to also set up a mobile event service for all the attendees visiting the next conference and see how we can 'capture and share content at the point of inspiration': that is, the conference (but we do need indoor mobile coverage then). By then we can also set up a nice mobile city guide with (location-based) information about Oxford. Hopefully using Google maps and GPS smile .

Unfortunately, I had to leave early and could not listen to Tomi's concluding presentation. I agree with the messages above that there was way too little time for people to meet each other or have discussions about many of the interesting issues out there. But for a first time this is okay.

Word of caution: I do believe that the number of people present was excellent. If you turn this into a mega-event with hundreds of people attending it immediately loses its uniqueness (and 'social networking' aspect).

Thanks a lot!



Picture of Ajit Jaokar
Re: The first User-Generated Conference!
by Ajit Jaokar - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 7:35 PM
thanks Nicolaas. we always appretiate overseas participation! Good to meet you - I shall take your comments on board regards the mobile event capturing and sharing rgds ajit
Picture of Nicolaas Pereboom
Re: The first User-Generated Conference!
by Nicolaas Pereboom - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 8:52 PM
And the Northsea is only a small sea and 45 minutes flight from London!



PS: this year we are celebrating the 400th anniversary of Lieutenant-Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, who crossed the same Northsea four centuries ago (and bombarded and captured Sheerness, went up the River Thames to Gravesend, then up the River Medway to Chatham, where he burnt three capital ships and ten lesser naval vessels and towed away the Unity and the Royal Charles, pride and normal flagship of the English fleet. It is generally considered the largest Dutch naval victory in history and the worst English naval defeat. The raid led to a quick end to the war and a favourable peace for the Dutch..). That was then, this is now and we should indeed co-operate and participate!
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Unconference : The first User-Generated Conference!
by Werner Egipsy Souza - Monday, 16 April 2007, 2:03 PM
Hi Nicolaas,

I would have to disagree with the line The first User-Generated Conference!
There is a concept of the Unconference, which as we speak, is right now being developed into a book, by users around the world, right from Proof-reading to Publishing. This effort was launched by a bunch of people, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the Barcamp Bangalore (the bar came later :P ), a few weeks back.

Hence, the first user-generated conference ever, would be the FOO Camp.

I do believe that this would be a good structure to adopt, for later ForumOxford events, if only to better harness the power of the Forum.


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Thank you most of all to the presenters and delegates - wow what a day!!!
by Tomi Ahonen - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 8:08 PM

Hi all

First, thank you for the kind words. Obviously I was tickled pink last night and sensed a wide degree of satisfaction in the event. But these words here today, after a good night's sleep, do really make me feel very happy.

I want to mention that as Chair I can only match the potential (or make it worse) but the Chair, on the day, cannot fix a bad event. In other words, there is nothing at all that any Chair could possibly do to try to salvage any event that had been poorly planned or which had speakers of bad quality. Here with the Forum Oxford Conference, Ajit and Peter had done a fantastic job in designing the event and securing incredible speakers. I want to be very clear about this - we worked as a team, but specifically for this conference, Peter managed the arrangements (with his staff) and Ajit coordinated the speakers. I helped maybe a bit with a few suggestions every now and then, but these preparations were all Peter and Ajit. When I showed up on Thursday night, the die was cast, and as Chair, I was totally at their mercy as in any conference - would the speakers and arrangements be up to the challenge.

And obviously, we could all see that the speakers were absolute top notch, brilliantly prepared, professional, exceptionally honest and open, and insightful. Not one sales pitch (that's rare). Not one out-of-date presentation (I've NEVER seen that). Not one of OVERLAP (I've never seen that EITHER). A SUBLIME level of preparation and thought and work by Ajit and Peter to achieve this.

It was purely my fun and joy to chair this event, not for one second ashamed of a speaker ruining the moment, as we Chairs so often cringe when some amateour speaker messes it up royally in front of an audience.

So from the preparation, onto the speakers. My job really started only in the morning of Friday the 13th. I introduced speakers, timed them (and all kept to their original timings very well) and then coordinated the discussion.

In the discussions I did err quite badly in allowing the discussions to go on way too long in terms of "keeping to the schedule" and in this way, it was purely my fault that we ended so badly behind schedule towards the end. But also, I could see that for each speaker there were still several questions that we did NOT have time for, so it seemed clear that you as the delegates did want the discussion, and I decided right from the start, that I'll allow for 5 minutes per speaker of extra discussion time beyond what was in the programme - simply because the Forum Oxfrod membership clearly wanted to discuss and debate. That was why several times several speakers looked at me in puzzlement knowing I had said 5 minutes and they had finished on time, but now we went 10 minutes into Q&A. But equally, clearly, the speakers enjoyed the intelligent discussions very immensely.

I trust the event did not suffer by this decision by me to stretch the time to allow more discussion.

But yes, the speakers. As chair, there is also nothing I can do to salvage the end benefit to the audience, if the speakers don't deliver. But I do get the benefit of presiding over an event when the speakers themselves are good. I am a totally undeserving benefactor when the speakers themselves are brilliant - stick to the topic, have well timed and rehearsed presentations and answer questions honestly and insightfully.

So then we did have the true cream of the crop at our conference.

I do want to thank personally, individually: Adrian Blair of Google, who gave us a beautiful view of what Google can contribute to the future of mobile.

Then Professor Ed Candy of Three/Hutchison who gave such a positive view of an operator who "gets it" and supports this industry.

And to thank Daniel Applequist of Vodafone whose views were well in harmony with Ed Candy's, probably surprising many in the audience.

A wonderful presentation on the road maps of handsets from the always amazing David Wood of Symbian.

William Webb of Ofcom and his inspiring view and visions into the next 20 years of our industry.

Jeff Sonstein of Rochester Institute of Technology and his practical guidance on design for mobile applications

Vladimir Dimitroff's beautiful lead in the debates about what is convergence and do we need it

Nick Sex and Scott Beaumont with their beautiful case study of a start up

Simon Cavil's wonderful real time demonstration of mobile payments

And for me perhaps the most inspiring and uplifting presentation in a day of fantastic contributions, Russell Buckley's live setup of a mobile ad campaign before our eyes.

I want to thank our speakers. This event was easy to chair, the speakers made me look good.

And the audience. As we were already familiar with debate and discussion, it was no surprise there would be many questions. But even so, the best feeling I got was listening to the intense buzz at each break and the lunch time, when our delegates so intensely engaged with new friends and contacts.

For those who left earlier, when I started my presentation on 7th Mass Media and my closing statements, we still had 77 people (out of the peak of 99) in attendance - and we were already 1 hour 15 minutes past the scheduled END of the event, on a Friday night. That says to me, that if people stay to the end on a Friday, they found it useful. And the last ones stayed till 8 PM - two hours past the last deadline of our bar closing, to continue networking and sharing ideas.

I am so proud of this event. It could not have been possible without the enormously hard work by Peter and Ajit. And the day itself lived and died by the professionalism of our speakers. And the best part was the active participation of the audience.

I've done over 180 conferences. This was by far the best organized event, with the best cast of speakers, and with the most actively participating audience.

For me it ran on auto-pilot, it did not need my contribution at all. It was truly my pleasure and honour to host, not chair, this event. Thank you all !

And looking so much forward to the next event.

Your HatRat/Tomi    :-)

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Re: Thank you most of all to the presenters and delegates - wow what a day!!!
by Nicolaas Pereboom - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 8:47 PM
You did great and we are indeed looking forward for any new event! Given the many and fast developments in our industry I would expect this next event to take place very soon (post summer holidays for instance?).


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Thanks Tomi .. but dont be too harsh on yourselves for the scheule ..
by Ajit Jaokar - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 9:22 PM
Thanks for the kind words about me Tomi .. but dont be too harsh on yourselves for the scheule ..

there were some couple of late changes which we had to do and that meant the schedule was always going to be difficult

a)  We had a lot packed in .. and the speakers were all excellent ..

b)  In fact, so much so - that the only 'drop out' was me! i.e. I never spoke other than the intro - because we knew we had much on

c)  10 mins on convergence was a massive challenge .. but if anyone could pull it off it was Vlad .. and he did brilliantly as I was sure he would .. but anyone else would have freaked out with only 10 mins for convergence!

d)  As an organizor, my biggest regret for the day was the time alloted for Jeff's session i.e.

this was a billiant session .. and as an organizor, it was my mistake that we could not give it more time. The original idea was to have a BOF(birds of a feather) session - but we had to change it later on. I could have spent half a day with Jeff and his talk .. and so could have some others(but it was clearly designed for a niche audience) - especially the more ajaxy stuff which Jeff alluded to was very interesting but we could not cover it more.

So, next time we should split up the afternoon into other sessions

e)  Finally, MiPay also did a great job - but they also needed a session of their own considering that it was a topic which could have been extended into many dimensions(such as NFC) and Simon Cavill and Phil Sorrell were clearly guys who knew the mobile payments industry in great depth(especially the global implications thereof)

So, thats my learning for the day as an organizor.

A brilliant job again my friend!
 kind rgds

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Re: Thank you most of all to the presenters and delegates - wow what a day!!!
by Alex Kerr - Saturday, 14 April 2007, 11:12 PM
Yep, another thanks from me too. Like many others I also got a lot out of it. I have also been to many conferences over the last several years, but this was the best. Why? Because there was already that connection between attendees, from our interactions on the forum. That is what other conferences lack, and where most people are anonymous. I find it very encouraging to find that other people rank it so highly too.

Secondly Tomi revealing that this forum has a number of anonymous "lurkers" in influential positions in the industry, and that we are perhaps one of those places at the forefront of ideas in mobile. It is great to come on here and discuss, but it means so much more when one feels that people's ideas might actually be heard in the right places, and even acted upon.

Improvements? Well, more time for questions after speakers. Not sure how, as you already overran (a good thing though!) and you wouldn't want shorter presentations or less speakers. Perhaps lengthening the conference to a day and a half or two days is the only way...
Also, how about an attendee list posted before the event, with compulsory photos, and a mini (2 line) bio. And it goes without saying this should be mobile-accessible :) That way you can see, and easily find, those people who you'd most like to speak to while at the event, rather than only random encounters.

Great event.

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Re: Thank you most of all to the presenters and delegates - wow what a day!!!
by Peter Miles - Sunday, 15 April 2007, 9:53 AM


I don't want to blow my own Trumpet (too loudly!) but you seem to have forgotten to thank me?! surprise

I am sure it was simply an oversight caused by the obvious excitement of the day, but you surely have to admit that my stalwart ability to 'stay away' must have contributed positively to the Event going off soooooooo efficiently and effectively.

Congratulations to everyone though as it sounds like a 'double six', 180!, and a Royal Flush all rolled in to one.



Picture of Ajit Jaokar
Thanks Peter .. see you next time - and it was good to get great participation and feedback from eduardo ..
by Ajit Jaokar - Monday, 16 April 2007, 8:42 AM
so many thanks for participation and feedback as a company. (see now I remember that dotmobile is your company :) )  see you next time!
Picture of Peter Miles
Re: Thanks Peter .. see you next time - and it was good to get great participation and feedback from eduardo ..
by Peter Miles - Monday, 16 April 2007, 12:27 PM

No problem - Eduardo and Phil are really buzzing from the event and I am sure it will develop some very interesting realtionships and projects.

Since you gave Eduardo the accolade of 'Quote of the Day' you will be very pleased to hear that I will not make him pay the £95 from his own Piggy Bank of Pesetas.

However you had better think carefully about the personal invitation - I could well be the 'Jonah' to your 'Moby Dick'.

Have fun in sceptic land.


Picture of Tomi Ahonen
ha ha, yes, thank you - Thank you most of all to the presenters and delegates - wow what a day!!!
by Tomi Ahonen - Monday, 16 April 2007, 12:13 PM

Hi Peter

Ha ha, yes, obiously you must have been somewhere conspiring with Alan Moore - another high profile registered delegate who honoured us by his graceful avoiding of the event - and together with you being away - helped us achieve the great success.

Seriously, it was a great event, you would have loved it (as would Alan) and we also missed YOUR comments and inputs. Next time I'd hope to get you to also present to our follow-up event, but at least to participate. The discussions were out-of-this-world. Nothing like it that I've ever seen. buzz buzz buzz. Two hours past the CLOSING of the free BAR, over four hours past the end of the conference, on a Friday eve, we still had several parties in little groups continuing the discussions.

This was an amazing event...  You'll love the next one   :-)

PS - all members of Forum Oxford - our Alan Moore interviews Peter Miles at the current edition of the Communities Dominate Podcast at Horizonchannel.com - a very insightful interview on youth, communities, etc.

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat   :-)

Picture of Krzysztof Proczka
Re: wow what a day!!!
by Krzysztof Proczka - Sunday, 15 April 2007, 9:39 AM

Absolutely brilliant event...

Rebecca, Peter, Ajit, Tomi and all delegates many thanks


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Re: wow what a day!!!
by mark selby - Sunday, 15 April 2007, 7:29 PM
Well done everyone - it was an excellent event.
Picture of Ajit Jaokar
Thanks Mark .. and next event you must speak!
by Ajit Jaokar - Monday, 16 April 2007, 8:38 AM
Great having you Mark. I did not realise that you were attending until much later on and also thanks for staying the whole day. Next time, you must speak and I look forward to it
Picture of david cushman
Brilliant day and excellent networking
by david cushman - Monday, 16 April 2007, 9:05 AM
Like others in this field, I've shied away from conferences in the last few years. I kept finding I'd pay a fortune to be told what I already knew.
No one could claim that was the case at this conference.
Personally I came away with ideas to activate immediately, relationships which I know I can work with in the future and a ready made support network of brilliant individuals I can share and work with.
I've never attended a one-day event of this kind of value.
I agree with the sentiment that perhaps we need a little longer together next time. But I also absolutely agree there must be a next time.

Tomi, sorry we didn't get more of a chance to catch up. I'll be staying in touch.
Ajit, give me a shout when you're back in the UK and we'll arrange some coffee shop time.

And to everyone else I met - thanks for being so ready to talk and share. Let's keep it up on the forum/our blogs and elsewhere.

Picture of Mark Searle
Re: Brilliant day and excellent networking
by Mark Searle - Monday, 16 April 2007, 4:13 PM


You I'd like to add my thanks for the event. I enjoyed it very much but I'd like to add a note of dissatisfaction, as is my want. Although the talks were of good quality, I was disappointed that we didn’t get anyone to stand up and kick off on some topic in the way I have come to love with the forum. Looking through the conference book at the various discussions I was a bit teary eyed reminiscing at the quality of some of the debate on the forum. We nearly achieved this same atmosphere in the conference but not quite. Tomi did a good job by having a bit of a pop at the client as a web browser a la internet but it did not spark the operator to kick off in it defence.

Next year, let’s put a ring up and throw Paul and Ajit into it to have a scrap. Lovely stuff!

Picture of Cameron Doherty
Re: Brilliant day and excellent networking
by Cameron Doherty - Tuesday, 17 April 2007, 10:32 PM
To all at the Conference last week.

Apologies for not posting sooner, but I stopped to literally smell the roses in the UK for a few days. :-)

Truly, this was the best conference I have attended over the past number of years. All organizers, speakers, attendees, and of course our chair are to be commended for their contribution. Sincerely, I am already looking forward to ForumOxford gathering 2.0.

As for feedback, I hope we continue to host this event at Oxford, as London is the easiest city to access from around the world. However, as our membership grows, possibly we can have mini-forums or meetings in some other regions of the world. It would be fantastic to enable all our members (especially those furthest from London in Asia/Pac and South America) to participate in person, as I can appreciate that not all can make it to Oxford for this event.

Nice meeting everybody, and please let me know when you will be in Denver as it is always nice to catch-up in person.

Warmest regards,

Picture of Tomi Ahonen
Also please consider Peter Holland's 3G and telecoms courses at Oxford - wow what a day!!!
by Tomi Ahonen - Wednesday, 18 April 2007, 10:00 AM

Hi all

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback for the event. It is overwhelming.

I do want to take this opportunity to mention Peter Holland's "other job" and the truly magnificent short courses run also there at the same building on the future of mobile telecoms.

I would dare to say that at least all the courses I've personally seen or attended, they truly are the best training in our industry anywhere. Peter has collected the thought-leaders and authors in the various sectors of our industry, to run short courses between 1 to 4 days, all at Oxford obviously, and these are not only excellent in content, but again, fantastic value.

They run next at end of June/early July and the courses that run this time include:

UMTS System Design & Operation ("the" technical course) run by the guys who literally wrote the book - Harri Holma and Antti Toskala (with Dr Jonathan Moss, Laurent Noel, Neil Wiffen and Tomi Ahonen also presenting). If you need a thorough technical understanding of 3G/3.5G in the WCDMA/UMTS environment, this is THE course. Like so many of the courses it includes a free copy of the book of the authors. 3-6 July, 1,250 UKP (for four days!)

3G/DVB-H Mobile TV by Tomi Ahonen & James Parton - this is the course about TV, video and mobile convergence, business etc. One day, 2 July, for 345 UKP

Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS by Ajit Jaokar. 6 July.

Converged Multimedia Networks by Chris Gallon, Juliet Bates, Matthew Bocci, Ian Stuart Campbell Walker and Tom Taylor. 2-3 July, 695 UKP


Mobilizing Data Services for Business, by Neil Wiffen, 4-5 July, 695 UKP

Wireless Communications and Future Applications by Peter Smyth, Larry Taylor, David Wisely, Richard Gedge and Chris Beardsmore. 4-5 July and 695 UKP (includes free book by P Smyth)

Mobile Social Networking by Tomi Ahonen, Alan Moore & Steve Jones. 3 July, 295 UKP. Includes free autographed copy of book Communities Dominate Brands

HSPDA/HSUPA for WCDMA - the follow-up 3.5G course by Harri Holma and Antti Toskala. 5 July and 495 UKP (includes free copy of Holma-Toskala second book)

UMTS Protocol Architecture by Neil Wiffen. 6 July, 895 UKP

IMS/SIP by Georg Meyer, Hisham Khartabil. 17-19 July and 795 UKP. Includes copy of their book.

User Generated Content and Web 2.0 by Ajit Jaokar. 5 July, 345 UKP

There are many more courses run by Oxford on telecoms and related courses on electronics etc. This summer that is about the schedule. More on these courses, the full agendas, etc are at


And to return to the thread of the Conference on Friday and its wonderful feedback, I can honestly say that most of the feedback of these short courses for professionals at Oxford have echoed those themes, along the lines of "best course I've ever attended" and "incredibly good value" and "great presenter lineup" etc. So if you need a refresher course, or want to understand this industry more - or if you have colleagues who recently joined the industry and need the basics, please consider these Oxford courses.  And yes, in three of them this summer (3G Technology, 3G-TV, and Mobile Social Networking - you'll see me in action ha ha, more than just a quick 15 minutes of closing statements ha-ha)

Thanks, hoping to see you at Oxford this July

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat    :-)

Picture of Agustin Calvo
Re: wow what a day!!!
by Agustin Calvo - Wednesday, 18 April 2007, 3:22 PM

Many many thanks to all of you who contributed to this unique event. I also think it was wonderful.

I am sure this will be one day we will be talking about for long time. The beginning of a new era in ForumOxford.

I cannot believe how it has boosted the activity in the forum. I guess being there, phisically listening, meeting and talking to other members has multiplied the feeling of being engaged with this leading group, and has even made more timid people like me start to post.

I have heard somewhere that the difference between participation and engagement is giving a part or you (engagement) or not (participation), like the hen and the pork in the bacon with scrambled eggs, the hen participates, the pork engages. Friday's event made us engage and when you engage it is for long..